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IE University Global Master in Real Estate Development
IE University

Global Master in Real Estate Development

15 Months


Part time

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EUR 30,000 *


* to become an IE University student, all IE Community members should make a one-off contribution to the IE Foundation; this is a single payment of €1,200 to be made during the enrollment process


Discover the relationship between architecture, urban planning, business, and cities—and how they can apply to exist complex real-estate projects. In order to become leading professionals of the future, our online Master’s Degree in Real Estate students may stay on the latest trends, apply innovative digital tools, and have a sustainable, holistic understanding of current Real Estate factors.

This 15-month part-time Master's is an online Master's in Real Estate, combined with five weeks of face-to-face sessions—making it compatible with students’ professional and personal lives.

10 Reasons to join the Online Master in Real Estate Development

The Global Cities are about to see huge growth, and their real estate markets need to be ready for new waves of citizens, firms, and global investors.

01. Lead the change in the future of the real estate and city planning

The future of the sector is constantly being rewritten. This program provides visionary leaders with the skills, insights, and mindset to lead the next wave of real estate and city planning.

02. Frontline faculty of leading academics and global professionals

The program’s faculty members are dynamic professionals who are key players in the sector, able to bring up-to-the-minute trends from the cutting edge to a classroom environment.

03. Practical projects and a hands-on approach

Every aspect of the program follows a practical-based mindset. With a wholly hands-on learning approach, participants gain the opportunity to put new skills into practice through engaging projects that mimic real scenarios.

04. A new approach to real estate

Take part in a non-traditional educational approach that draws on current and future sector trends. This master’s goes above and beyond normal real estate programs, challenging existing mindsets to develop a more innovative, sustainable approach to the sector.

05. Enjoy visits to outstanding international firms

Program participants will get the opportunity to visit leading international firms, providing them with real-world insights to hit the ground running in their journey to become future real estate leaders.

06. Gain a solid foundation for RICS accreditation and knowledge of Leed/BREEAM/PDP

In this competitive sector, having the right accreditations can help you stand out and unlock doors to your future. This program will provide you with key knowledge to gain the RICS accreditation, as well as insights into Leed, BREEAM, and PDP.

07. Flexible, online study for a perfect work-life balance

Our unique Blended Methodology provides career-driven professionals with the flexibility to benefit from world-class education without sacrificing their current personal or professional commitments.

08. Benefit from IE's international prestige

IE is an internationally renowned university that performs consistently well in the world rankings. With the weight of this institution behind you, there will be more opportunities to gain high-level connections, grow as a leader, and experience lasting success.

09. Outstanding alumni network of 50,000 graduates in over 100 countries

Upon completion of the master’s, all participants will become part of a dynamic, cross-sector network of inspirational individuals who are driving lasting change around the globe.

10. Join IE's career development program

You have the skills, knowledge, and insights, but getting on the path to career success can still be a challenge in today’s crowded marketplace. With tailored advice and door-opening connections, our Career Development Program can help you get on the right professional path.

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