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CNAM The International Institute of Management Master in Management (MIM) in International Business
CNAM The International Institute of Management

Master in Management (MIM) in International Business

Paris, France

1 Years


Full time

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Sep 2023

EUR 6,700 / per year



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Master in Management, specialized in International Business and Corporate Development

This Master degree provides:

  • critical thinking as well as practical knowledge in international business and corporate development

  • the new skills required to manage the post-financial crisis firms (CSR, leadership, big picture, etc.)


Due to globalization, companies are confronted with an increasing array of options regarding:

  • Markets;

  • Location of key facilities and activities;

  • Cross-border processes

To address these challenges they need more international expertise


  • Master the key tools and schemes of internationalization (trading, licensing, joint ventures, etc.)

  • Develop the ability to operate in a multi-cultural environment

  • Get ready for multinational 3.0 (new tools, new drivers, new players, new markets, new missions, etc.)

Career Opportunities

The Master intends to help students start a rewarding career with a large choice of international careers:

  • International consultant

  • International Brand Manager

  • Business analyst and developer

  • Global CSR manager

  • Entrepreneur

Master in Management information

This degree is integrated into the MIM program at CNAM-IIM.

MIM is short for the Master in Management program, which is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in business and management mainly in private sectors. It provides a solid foundation in the range of management disciplines and is distinguished from more specialized Masters by its breadth.

MIM is the French National Master’s Degree.

The Master in Management program is built under the standardized European System of higher education (Bologna process). MIM students are committed, accompanied and challenged to achieve their Professional Master Degree delivered by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

MIM is under an international scope and standards.

The Master in Management program is taught in English. International students also get French lessons, which gives them a competitive advantage over multiple languages and management skills. MIM students from around the world gather in Paris, sharing different cultures and business customs, learning knowledge and experiences from recognized professionals from different industries and different economic regions and academics from various disciplines.

MiM is the ongoing development of international management competencies.

The Master in Management program enables students to:

1 - Master the principles and tools developed for managers of business units provided in up-to-date management issues in the real business environment with Core curriculum (M1) and Transversalmodules (M2);

2 - Build a concrete view of the working environment, especially in the specific European business with Supporting modules (M2);

3 - Represent the management of focused business activities as an action which includes four complementary elements: functional management, time management, organizational management, daily management with Specialization modules (M2);

4 - Master and experience the strategic principles and tools towards high performance and innovations with Group projects, Research, and Internships (M2);

5 - Achieve intercultural and additional competencies relying on students’ original degree in sciences or engineering or students’ intercultural experience and engagement.

The CNAM MIM program is spread out over the course of two orientation weeks, a core curriculum, and a major over two years. Courses are organized into two semesters per academic year, with a range from 2 to 8 credits for each class, depending on their importance and duration. The full amount of credits can be over 60 ECTS credits per year. The first year must include the six core curriculum courses, an integrative group project, and an academic report, with 550 contact hours. The second year is dedicated to majors, electives, and internship, with around 450 contact hours and 900 hours of overall workload.

The Master in Management Program uses a core curriculum to familiarize students with the fundamental principles of management. Our baseline courses included Organizational Theory, Management Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Marketing and Management of the Firm. These principles form the foundation of more advanced topics and elective courses.

The CNAMMaster in Management Program offers three majors. Each provides the opportunity to deepen one's knowledge in one particular dimension of management and develop niche expertise in the subject of choice. The Majors include:

  • M21 - Project Management and Business Engineering

  • M22 - Sustainable Development and Quality Management

  • M23 - International Business and Corporate Development

  • M24 - e-Business and Marketing

Integral features of this curriculum include group projects, a research paper, and an internship. Inter-Disciplinary Management Courses required for all four majors provide students with indispensable up-to-date management principles and tools for the real business environment. These courses include:

  • Project Management core

  • Business Law

  • Business Ethics

  • Management Information system

Supporting Placement Courses help students to expand their repertoire and understanding of the professional environment, tailored specifically toward French and European businesses.

They include:

  • Career Management and Coaching

  • Team Building and Business Simulation

  • Business French language


Application for admission requires the following documents, all of which must be in the English language :

  • A current curriculum vitae

  • A completed CNAM MIM application form[1]

  • A notarized copy of all post-secondary degree certificate(s)

  • An official transcript of all post-secondary education

  • Evidence of English language proficiency

  • 2 letters of reference that conform to CNAM guidelines[2]

  • A copy of your passport

  • A completed Employer Sponsorship form if an employer supports the candidate.

  • A non-refundable application fee of €125[3]

Application materials and further information are available for download on the website

Applications are accepted year-round and are reviewed promptly upon completion. However, to ensure an accurate and timely process, we would advise international students to begin the admission process at least 4 months prior to October (the intake of MIM programs).

Students could apply from Master 1 or directly to Master 2 upon the field of Bachelor degree and the MIM application form.

The Master Diploma is delivered under the control of the French Ministry of Higher Education.

[1] Electronic versions of a completed application form are accepted only if the electronic form is later accompanied by a signed paper-based version.

[2] Letters of reference should make use of the CNAM form supplied for this purpose and may be accompanied by a personal letter from your referee. A reference letter should either be (1) sent directly to the CNAM by the referee, or (2) enclosed in a sealed envelope, with the referee's signature across the seal, and included in your application materials.

[3] Students registered through the CNAM overseas representatives are excluded from this fee.

Financial information

Budgeting for student life involves more than tuition fees: it also includes housing, books, miscellaneous fees and living costs for the duration of a program. Candidates should be aware that the CNAM is an urban university in the center of Paris, located in the center of the old Paris - one of the world's most popular destinations. Consequently, cost of living is expensive. We provide assistance for housing facilities when possible.

Current tuitions and fees forCNAM MIM programs are:

  • Tuition:6.700 € per school year; 13.000 € for the whole program. Students in France could benefit from a reduction of total tuition fees. Please contact the Program Manager for the details of tuitions and fees.
  • Other fees:
    - 125 euros nonrefundable application fee (Students registered through the CNAM-IIM overseas representatives are excluded from this fee)
    -200euros for student insurance

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