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Instituto Campechano

Instituto Campechano

Instituto Campechano


After the founding and colonization of the town of San Francisco de Campeche in 1540, the Spaniards settled in this land needed a formal education for their descendants and the population in general.

At the request of Fray Pedro Reyes Ríos de la Madrid, vicar of the then town of San Francisco de Campeche, the Royal Decree of December 30, 1714 was decreed. This command ordered that the Jesuit convent of the city of Mérida pass to the village three religious to teach the Christian Doctrine, Grammar, Reading and Writing.

Upon the arrival of the Jesuits from the city of Mérida, they took over the assets and capital, built a new church in the place of the old one, which was already small and primitive. They imparted instruction to children, from the year 1715 until June 6, 1767, when they were expelled from the province. After the order's departure, the City Council took over the Colegio de San José, together with the annexed church.


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