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Instituto Superior De Estudios Psicológicos ISEP Master in Neuroeducation and Capacity Optimization
Instituto Superior De Estudios Psicológicos ISEP

Master in Neuroeducation and Capacity Optimization

Valencia, Spain

1 Years


Full time

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Oct 2024

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Headquarters: Barcelona - Madrid - At Home Method - Valencia


Hours: Madrid: SD | Barcelona: SD | Valencia: Consult next call | At Home: S


Qualification: Master in Neuroeducation and Capacity Optimization issued by ISEP

Neuroeducation has transformed the paradigm of training by incorporating and promoting the interdisciplinary integration of educational sciences with those that study the functioning of the brain. Thus, unprecedented progress has been made in the learning process, since they contribute to the enhancement of people's neurocognitive and emotional capacities.

The presence of cognitive deficits in different neurological pathologies in childhood such as head injuries, tumors, etc., has led to the proliferation of different formations in the neuropsychological field in recent times to try to alleviate these pathologies through the rehabilitation of functions, as well as the great variability of learning difficulties that we find in today's school. Likewise, there is currently a significant increase in clinical consultations by parents who take their children with clinical and cognitive symptoms, on some occasions, and with absence thereof, on others, which disables them for optimal educational development.

ISEP's Master in Neuroeducation and Optimization of Skills is a pioneer in its field since it provides the knowledge and essential treatment guidelines for professionals interested in rehabilitation and / or cognitive stimulation to offer a service that contributes to alleviating the relative neglect they suffer. patients with Acquired Brain Injury, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, dyslexia, approaching cognitive stimulation from a new educational paradigm: stimulation of the brain from potentiality and not from deficit.

The same Master, 2 modalities. Choose yours!

The ISEP Master in Neuroeducation and Optimization of Capacities allows you to train in 2 modalities: choose the one that interests you the most!

  • Face-to-face modality. You will attend face-to-face sessions at our headquarters in Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia, training yourself live with top-level experts.
  • ISEP At Home © method. ISEP exclusive. You will attend live sessions with the best teachers, active experts, but without leaving your home. You can attend sessions of the face-to-face modality and carry out practices in person.


  • Recognized as of Professional Interest by the Madrid Association of Neuropsychology.
  • Program recognized by the Aragonese Association of Neuropsychology specialized quality training.

Director - Master in Neuroeducation and Capacity Optimization

Olga García Clinical neuropsychologist Director of the Comprehensive Care Center for people with brain damage Polibea SUR. President of the Madrid Association of Neuropsychology (AMNP). Coordinator in Madrid of the Masters in Neurorehabilitation, Neuroscience and Neuroeducation and Optimization of Capabilities of ISEP. Creator of the Castle of Neuroscience, Counseling in Neurosciences.


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