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International University of Catalonia Master’s Degree in Venture Capital and Private Equity
International University of Catalonia

Master’s Degree in Venture Capital and Private Equity

10 Months


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Master’s Degree in Venture Capital and Private Equity

This Master’s degree will provide you with the knowledge and experience you require to promote entrepreneurship, with a special emphasis on funding as the key issue. Within the current macroeconomic context, given the lack of existing credit, venture capital industries and private equity companies are increasingly becoming a funding alternative in their own right for companies.

Barcelona stands out since it has a large number of entities specializing both in private equity and in corporate finance which support and fund the development of new companies. In some circles Barcelona is now, being presented in the same way that Silicon Valley was presented in the United States at one time. At UIC Barcelona we aim to promote an entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of companies in our society and for that reason we offer you the best education in this field.

The objectives of this program are as follows:

  1. To identify and quantify risks in the area of transaction services via an analysis of the position of the company and the identification of the most important factors.
  2. To improve your education and guide your professional career in the area of corporate finance, thus increasing your employability and opportunities to work in this sector.
  3. To develop skills and abilities in order to be able to take on a position in the private equity sector or in companies that are open to international markets.
  4. To master the venture capital investment cycle as well as the specific methodologies and typologies involved in financial modelling.
  5. To guide you towards the creation of a new company or increase the entrepreneurial ability of a company by searching for new business models.



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