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ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa Master in International Studies
ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

Master in International Studies

Lisbon, Portugal

2 Years


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EUR 3,000 / per year *


* First year | 1600€: Second year


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It is designed, therefore, for students with degrees in those areas who want to develop multidisciplinary post-graduate studies. The Master will prepare its graduates for careers in international organizations, NGOs, business and international management, social media, policy-making, public administration, teaching and research.

The programme is structured around a common core of mandatory courses, some of which deal with the study of institutions, governance and international relations; others related to the major societal and developmental challenges, human rights and citizenship; and still others focusing on the dynamics of economics and international business.

The Master in International Studies allows its students to develop the knowledge and skills they acquired during their first cycle of education in a multidisciplinary approach in the discipline of International Studies. The course's design also strengthens the link between education and the increasingly internationalized research developed at the Center for International Studies of Iscte, since during the preparation of the dissertation and project work, students are preferably integrated into ongoing projects at the Centre.

Courses will be taught in English, for which reason the programme's target audience consists not only of Portuguese students, but also of natives from other countries in and outside of Europe. This course seeks to address the increase in demand for advanced training at Iscte by international students, who already make up about 10% of the student population.

The Master’s in International Studies is a flexible interdisciplinary programme that allows students not only to explore different areas and to develop their ambitions but also to acquire appropriate tools to better understand the fast geopolitical changes that are taking place in the 21st century and also the most important challenges the world faces today for a sustainable development. Luís Nuno Rodrigues, programme director
When I saw this Master programme and I saw the curriculum, I was like “Wow, that’s impressive!” because all these topics sounded so interesting. (…) This is the thing I was looking for because I don’t just want to study to get a degree I want to have something from this degree (…). I really found my passion with this Master’s. Julia Schnetzer, Alumna


RoundStart DateEnd DateApplication Fee
1st Round06 January 202024 February 202050.00 €
2nd Round25 February 202027 April 202050.00 €
3rd Round28 April 202006 July 202050.00 €
4th Round28 July 202031 August 202050.00 €

The application phases opening is conditioned by the vacancies

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