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ISDE Law Business School Master eSports Business ISDE
ISDE Law Business School

Master eSports Business ISDE

Barcelona, Spain

1 Years

English, Spanish

Full time, Part time

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Arbitrate, innovate, advance

El Master in Business Law, Arbitration, and ADR at ISDE is a comprehensive program designed for those seeking to lead in the field of business law and conflict resolution. With a unique focus on arbitration and alternative dispute resolution methodologies, this master transforms the way future lawyers and mediators approach and resolve conflicts in the business world.

This program, led by leading experts in the field of arbitration in Spain, combines high-level teaching with practical cases and real experiences. Classes, taught by prominent professionals, offer a deep immersion in business law, emphasizing the importance of mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.


Master the art of resolving business conflicts

With a practical and dynamic approach, the program prepares students for critical roles in companies and law firms, where the ability to mediate and resolve conflicts effectively is key. This master not only provides essential theoretical knowledge but also equips students with the practical skills necessary to succeed in an international business environment.

It's for people...

With a deep passion for eSports and an interest in the business opportunities offered by this industry. Ideal for those looking to combine their love for video games and competition with a solid business education, perfect for those who want to be pioneers in a booming sector, leveraging access to a professional network through ISDE.

Who are seeking...

To develop a comprehensive understanding of the eSports business, covering everything from marketing and event management to legal and financial aspects. Students aspire to an education that provides the necessary tools to innovate and lead in this field. They focus on acquiring practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to navigate the world of eSports.

To become...

Leaders and innovative professionals in the eSports industry. The Master's is designed to equip students with skills in business management, marketing strategy, event development, and legal understanding, preparing them to face and overcome the challenges of this emerging industry. Graduates will be able to play key roles and significantly contribute to the growth and evolution of the eSports business globally.

Firms that design, lead, and deliver this training:


Conquer the Gaming Industry

The ISDE eSports Business Master's is an advanced program that prepares students for the dynamic eSports sector. It combines theory and practice, covering management, marketing, and operational strategies specific to eSports. Students work on real projects with leading companies, developing skills in event management, digital marketing, and eSports team leadership. This program ensures a deep understanding of the sector, practical experience, and valuable professional connections, paving the way in a global and evolving market.

Participants in the program have the opportunity to connect with a global network, expanding their professional horizons and facilitating knowledge exchange. Internships at renowned firms and entities contribute to students' practical preparation, reflected in a strong employment rate after graduation.

The program's focus on skills required in the modern legal world, such as adaptability and digital tool management, ensures that graduates are ready to perform effectively in an evolving legal market. The hands-on experience of a faculty of active professionals enriches learning, aligning it with the current demands of the profession.



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