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Istanbul Medeniyet University

Istanbul Medeniyet University

Istanbul Medeniyet University


The primary goal of Istanbul Medeniyet University is to train professionals that Turkey needs and specialists that will be considered experts in the scientific world. And this could only be possible by clearly identifying and implementing short- and long-term goals in an organized manner. To be implemented uncompromisingly, such a plan will show us that certain problems that we currently complain about will be overcome in time.

Our greatest aim is to provide our students with a university environment where they can freely discuss all kinds of ideas. As we believe that truth can only be attained through a never-ending quest and intellectual debates, for us, the university is where the yeast of science ripens young minds. Among our duties is to infuse our students with the idea that freedom is both liberty and responsibility and that they continue their academic studies accordingly.


  • Istanbul

    Ünalan Mahallesi Ünalan Sokak D100 Karayolu Yanyol, 34700, Istanbul