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Since 1991, within the Catholic University of Lille, ISTC has trained responsible, demanding, agile and creative Communication Managers, knowing how to combine operational matters and a strategic vision within the company. ISTC is one of the rare private communication schools recognized by the State. The school issues two national diplomas (License and Master). Member of the Regional Conference of Grandes Écoles (CRGE) and the Federation of higher establishments of collective interest (FESIC), the ISTC is distinguished by a unique positioning through the “Integral Experience” which structures its courses, its pedagogy and its support of the student. The school integrates the fundamentals of management, law, management and human sciences into its training. It is also internationally oriented by offering exchange programs with 75 partner universities around the world. Its unique positioning makes it a highly sought-after training course: more than 90% of young graduates are hired within 6 months of their graduation.


The Institute of Communication Strategies and Techniques ( ISTC ), a state-recognized school, has been training operational, versatile and open communicators for 30 years.

In order to ensure their rapid integration into the business world and prepare them effectively for its issues, ISTC offers general training combining theory and practice, with a strong intercultural and international dimension.

4 Reasons to Join ISTC

Join a State Recognized School

Joining ISTC means choosing a school recognized by the State, specialized in the field of communication.

ISTC is one of two private communication schools in France recognized by the State. This approach to continuous improvement has a positive impact on our internal processes, on the quality of our training and therefore on our students.

In addition, the school's recognition by the State allows 30% of our students to benefit from scholarships.

Understand All Facets of Communication

Joining ISTC means joining general training in communication strategies and techniques.

Train versatile and operational professionals. Open different doors for them. Here are the objectives of the program offered by ISTC , namely: to provide students with a global vision of communication. And as proof, 55% of the teaching staff is made up of professionals, for operational learning.

Building a communication strategy requires taking into account fields outside of communication. The training is fueled by disciplines essential to understanding its environment, such as geopolitics, management or even psychology or economics. These subjects provide the necessary perspective to understand the problems of the company and its people.

Discover the Integral ISTC Experience

At ISTC , we train you for more than just a job. We are training you for a future. The one that awaits you tomorrow, in five years or in twenty years and which, in view of societal changes and technological innovations, places communication at the forefront.

To prepare you, our method is unique in France. We offer you an experience based on 4 dimensions:

  • Increasing your general knowledge base
  • The acquisition of strategic, managerial and operational communication skills
  • International enrichment
  • And the development of your personality

Let's build your professional project together

Joining ISTC is the assurance of building a future in which students will fully flourish.

The ISTC , the team and the teachers support the students to refine their professional project. Over the years, attractions emerge towards different areas of communication. Well supervised and helped in their choice of future, students will be able to transform these affinities into real know-how.

In addition, the numerous internships (and work-study programs) offered by ISTC will allow students to build a CV rich in experience but also give them all the skills required for their future profession.


  • 800 students 15% international
  • 1646 graduates
  • 80 international university partners

    Campus Features

    The ISTC benefits from the advantages of the city of Lille, at the crossroads of Europe, perfectly served, dynamic on a cultural, sporting and economic level; a city focused on new technologies and research (Euratechnologie – Eurasanté) and known for its united spirit. The School is easily accessible, a few minutes walk from the center or by public transport: metro, bus and V'Lille.

    In addition, ISTC is located on the campus of the Catholic University of Lille (33,000 students). Students benefit from a vast network of relationships, in a framework favorable to studies and student life.


      The ISTC is open to students with a Baccalaureate or higher (60, 120 or 180 ECTS credits).

      Admission Conditions at ISTC :

      In License 1

      On PARCOURSUP (ICL - ISTC (Lille - 59) License - Economics and management - Communication course)

      Motivational interview + File + Motivated project

      The ISTC interviews all candidates before studying their academic file.

      Parallel Admission

      In License 2 or 3 - In Master 1

      • Eligibility competition on file
      • Admission interview

      How to succeed in your interview?

      During this exchange, the admissions jury assesses your predispositions to communication and your sensitivity to the world around you. Beyond academic achievements, ISTC is looking for open-minded, curious, cultured, committed and responsible people.

      Scholarships and Funding

      For several years, the ISTC has been developing a social policy to help finance studies. In addition to the scholarships based on social criteria delivered by the CROUS from which 30% of ISTC benefit, other systems have been put in place to help students.


      • Lille

        Boulevard Vauban, 81-83, 59000, Lille