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ITESO -  Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara Master in Projects and Sustainable Building
ITESO - Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara

Master in Projects and Sustainable Building

Tlaquepaque, Mexico

4 Semesters


Full time

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In affinity with the efforts of the international community to combat the environmental, social and economic impacts that are the result of the construction of our habitat, ITESO has oriented various actions towards the perspective of sustainability.

ITESO's Master's Degree in Sustainable Projects and Building trains specialists who contribute to solving various socio-environmental problems that arise from the design, construction and maintenance of buildings. Through an analysis that delves into the dimensions of sustainability, it allows the identification, development and implementation of building systems capable of reducing impacts on the habitat.

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Applicant Profile

The master's degree is aimed at professionals in Architecture, Design, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and other related fields, interested in reducing the impacts that design and construction have on the environment. Professionals interested in getting involved in multidisciplinary environments, who have a certification in the English language.

Graduation Profile

The graduate of this master's degree has the necessary skills to develop sustainable projects and constructions, based on viable financing schemes.

You are trained to:

  • Carry out diagnoses and consultancies on the impacts that may result from the preparation of a building or infrastructure project, as well as the options to mitigate them.
  • Meet the professional needs of architects, designers and engineers, to carry out innovative projects such as: green roofs, rainwater harvesting systems, waste management, among others.
  • Design, implement and monitor public policies on urban development and sustainable building.
  • Teaching in educational institutions and conducting applied research processes.

Reasons to Study at ITESO

  • Educational project with a comprehensive approach, which includes urban and building aspects, as well as sustainability in its environmental, social and economic dimensions.
  • Academic body with experience in different areas such as: energy, soil, water, sustainable construction systems, urban development and infrastructure systems.
  • Link with the ITESO Sustainability Program.
  • Professional program where the student develops a project that allows him to propose solutions to problems in his field.
  • More than 50 years in the teaching of Architecture with a humane and committed approach.

Work field

Graduates will be able to develop in:

  • Private sector companies and public institutions, in the development of projects and buildings with low environmental impact, as well as in the design and implementation of public policies on urban development and sustainable building.
  • Your own company or national and international organizations, in the preparation of diagnoses and consultancies that allow evaluating the impacts of the design, construction and maintenance of buildings for various sectors of society.
  • Educational institutions, to conduct specialized training processes and applied research in the field of sustainability and the construction of our habitat.


fundamental area

  • Critical debates on sustainability
  • Energy management
  • Soil resource management
  • Sustainable building materials and systems
  • Sustainable urban infrastructure systems

Research, Development and Innovation Area (IDI)

In these seminars you receive group and personalized advice to develop your work to obtain a degree.

  • IDI I
  • IDI II
  • IDI IV
  • IDI V

elective area

You must pass a minimum of 16 credits for which you can choose, with the guidance of the tutor, two subjects from the educational offer of ITESO postgraduate courses or from other universities in agreement.

Some of them are:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Strategy in emerging economies
  • Product development
  • Theory and analysis of public policies
  • Social evaluation of projects
  • Government management and public policies

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