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Karaganda State Industrial University

Karaganda State Industrial University

Karaganda State Industrial University


Non-profit joint-stock company "Karaganda Industrial University" ("KarIU") is the leading university in Kazakhstan for the training of highly qualified personnel with higher and postgraduate education in metallurgical, machine-building, chemical, construction, and other related metallurgy areas, which are a priority for the mining and metallurgical industry. The Republic of Kazakhstan. NJSC "KARIU" was reorganized based on economic management "Karaganda State Industrial University."

The "KarIU" has three faculties ("Metallurgy and mechanical engineering," "Energy, transport and control systems," "Economics and construction"), which include 12 departments, 8 of which are graduating. Education is carried out in 28 educational programs for bachelor's degrees, 27 educational programs for master's degrees, and two educational programs for doctoral studies.


  • Temirtau

    101400, Karaganda region, Temirtau, Republic Ave. 30., 101400, Temirtau