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KU Leuven, inspiring the outstanding

KU Leuven is an institution for research and education with international appeal. All programs at this University are based on the innovative research of its scientists and professors.

KU Leuven ranks among the best 50 universities worldwide!

From Renaissance philosophy to cutting-edge nanotechnology: as one of Europe’s oldest universities, KU Leuven boasts a long tradition of ground-breaking research and high-quality education.


Prospective Students

As one of Europe’s leading research universities, KU Leuven offers a range of research-based programs of study. A degree from KU Leuven is highly valued around the world, giving you a competitive edge.

Current Students

No matter which campus you’re on, you have quite a few facilities available to you. Our services for students advise you on housing, studying, and scholarships. They also offer sports and cultural activities.

Why KU Leuven

KU Leuven is one of Europe’s highest-ranked and most renowned universities. It boasts a long tradition of pioneering research and high-quality education. But KU Leuven has quite a few other strengths as well.


KU Leuven offers various types of programs, including bachelor’s and (advanced) master’s programs, continuing education courses, and bridging programs.


Education is organized by 15 faculties, divided into three groups: Humanities and Social Sciences; Science, Engineering and Technology; and Biomedical Sciences. A number of faculties offer programs in various locations in Flanders and Brussels.


KU Leuven appeals to the student's idea of the future. The University contributes to the students’ personal development and to the way in which they want to help shape society.


KU Leuven is dedicated to education and research in nearly all fields. Its fifteen faculties offer education, while research activities are organized by the departments and research groups. These faculties and departments, in turn, are clustered into three groups: Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), and Biomedical Sciences. Each of these groups has a doctoral school for its doctoral training programs.

KU Leuven boasts fourteen campuses, spread across 10 cities in Flanders.

Campus Features

KU Leuven offers degree programs at various campuses in 10 Belgian cities, including Brussels. Five of these campuses offer programs in English. The city of Leuven has been the focal point of the university’s educational mission for almost 600 years.

Leuven offers housing opportunities at reasonable prices. Most students choose to rent a room (‘kot’ in Dutch) in a privately-owned student house with shared common spaces and facilities. If you need any help with this, the KU Leuven Housing Service can offer assistance. The university owns and manages a number of student residences. A limited number of rooms in these residences is reserved for international students. You can also browse the Housing Service’s online database. Will you be studying at one of our campuses? There are databases for housing in each of the KU Leuven campus cities. Visit the institution’s webpage for more information.

    Scholarships and Funding

    For certain programs, eligible candidates can apply for an Erasmus+ or VLIR-UOS scholarship. The EU-funded Erasmus+ program aims to enhance quality in higher education through scholarships and academic cooperation. VLIR-UOS, the Flemish Interuniversity Council for Development Cooperation, awards scholarships to students from developing countries to follow one of the International Course Programs (ICPs) offered at KU Leuven. For general information on scholarship opportunities, visit the KU Leuven website


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    Why study at KU Leuven

    A Highly Ranked University

    According to international rankings, KU Leuven is among the best 100 universities in the world. Moreover, KU Leuven was ranked as most innovative university of Europe by Reuters four years in a row (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019). All of KU Leuven’s disciplines proudly belong to the top 100 of their field. Scholars and researchers, teachers and visionaries, thinkers and makers all have their place in KU Leuven’s fertile intellectual habitat.

    Most Innovative University in Europe

    KU Leuven has been identified as Europe’s most innovative university for four years in a row by Reuters. By developing the most important drug against HIV, a new type of solar panel that converts oxygen into hydrogen and uncovering the secrets of Sagalassos, KU Leuven researchers have a profound impact on our everyday lives in nearly all fields of research. That innovative character is deeply embedded in the way we teach our students, by integrating relevant guest lectures, taking an Interdisciplinary approach and opening the most advanced research and education facilities.

    A Comprehensive University

    As a comprehensive university, KU Leuven offers a wide range of disciplines organized by 15 faculties. Each of these disciplines is ranked in the top 100 of its field according to the THE World University Rankings by subject. Half of the university’s faculties are even in the top 50 within their fields of study.

    Campus Life & Facilities

    Whether as a student or researcher, you’ll discover in Belgium a country full of surprising contrasts. A country rich in art, history, and architecture. You’ll be treated to its local specialties in a friendly atmosphere. Belgian cities have so much to offer to students: a cosmopolitan lifestyle, great sport facilities, libraries, bookshops, restaurants, cafés, and a dynamic cultural scene

    As an international guest, you might find Belgians initially reserved – an impression that will only last until you share a round of beers at an outdoor café or make your first visit to a Belgian home, where you will be warmly welcomed and well fed. Belgium is also an ideal base for exploring the rest of Europe. London, Paris, Cologne, and Amsterdam are all a proverbial stone’s throw away. It is the headquarters of many international organisations and companies and the beating heart of the European Union.

    Program Admission Requirements

    Demonstrate your commitment and readiness to succeed in business school by taking the GMAT exam – the most widely used exam for admissions that measures your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

    Download the GMAT mini quiz to get a flavour of the questions you’ll find in the exam.


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