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Kyoto University Of Art And Design

Kyoto University Of Art And Design

Kyoto University Of Art And Design



To instill a strong sense of spirit into young art students that will enable them to overcome the challenges posed by this age of crisis

To foster an attitude that utilizes the power of art for the happiness of others and give them the power to empathize with another's predicaments

To acquire the creativity that will reform society and solve this era's difficult problems

To send young people with an artistic spirit out into the world

We believe that the revival of the arts is, if nothing else, a movement that will nurture a future generation to launch a new renaissance, which is perhaps the most important mission for our entire institution.

Founding Philosophy

Through artistic creation and philosophical inquiry, we aspire to form new humanistic and global outlooks.

We hope our students exercise their consciences as they wield their talents.

Educational Goals

It is necessary to ardently appeal to society for human “imagination” and “creativity,” because these are the keys to overcoming the difficult issues faced by the human race. The university can only fulfill its role as an educational institution once its alumni have found their place within society. We aim to fully support our studentsʼ activities and help build a system of social reforms focused on promoting youth “creativity.”

To establish the possibility of a new civilization driven by artistic culture and a philosophy based on abiding love toward humanity and nature.


  • Kyoto

    Kyoto, Japan


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