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L’Ecole Du Journalisme de Nice

L’Ecole Du Journalisme de Nice

L’Ecole Du Journalisme de Nice


Journalist teachers

Hands-on media

In-industry experience

Our teachers are active working professionals in their industry.

The school’s own media outlets: EDJ News, EDJ TV and EDJ FM give you the chance to practice your profession right here in the school.

On average, our students will complete 3 internships during the course of their degree in local, national or international media enterprises.

Discover abroad

Working alumni

A recognized school

Opportunities to study and work in more than 60 cities around the world.

88% of our Bachelor graduates and 81% of our Masters graduates have a job in journalism 6 months after leaving (2021).

Our school is recognized by the state.

We’ll make a journalist of you!

EDJ has been training young prospective journalists since 1990.

Since then, the school has grown to employ over 40 working journalists and university professors to teach their trade. Over the years, our alumni have gone on to enjoy great successes in every facet of the industry; as television presenters, editors-in-chief, political, wildlife and sports reporters to name but a few.

Multimedia training

All journalism degree programs taught at EDJ are authentically multimedia. From day one, traditional print, photo, radio and television journalism are studied and practised in tandem with their modern digital counterparts: web media, social media and mobile journalism (MOJO).

Studying at EDJ means learning to work at the rhythm of a real media company. Any typical day can involve brainstorming ideas and suggestions for a story; collaborating with peers to research the topic and conceptualise a plan… With the school’s own fleet of professional recording equipment at their disposal, our students are frequently sent out into the field to gather the necessary material for their reports. Back at the school, under the guidance of their teachers they complete their final drafts in the editing suite before their reports are shared with their colleagues for critical analysis and constructive feedback.

Outside of class, EDJ students have the opportunity to further practice their craft through any of the school’s independent, student-run media outlets: EDJ FM, EDJ TV, EDJ News (online print news & EDJ Live (live streaming). With access to our own radio and TV studios, students can create genuine journalistic content that is published and broadcast publicly.

Practical skills; Skills for life

At EDJ you will learn and strengthen your skills in analysis, research, writing, editing, producing, presenting, public speaking and much, much more. These tools are indispensable to every journalist.

In addition to a practical education, we equip our students with the necessary life skills to help them mature as young, ambitious professionals. Curiosity, diligence, self-confidence and creativity: we nurture and encourage these traits, giving students the space they need to fully embrace their own learning and discovery.

Individualised supervision

As a small school, our low student-to-teacher ratio allows for greater individualized support and quicker progression than a standard university environment would.

This means that students benefit from feedback routes and follow-up supervision precisely tailored to their individual strengths and areas for improvement.

Professional integration

EDJ takes responsibility for securing internships for many of its students. On average, 350 internships in local, national or international newsrooms are completed by EDJ students per year. Even before graduating, our students can begin to build their professional networks.

This means that routes into employment for EDJ graduates are very quick – in most cases the necessary links have already been established through their internships. Over 88% of our Bachelor and 81% of our Masters alumni hold a job in journalism within 6 months of leaving us.


The school has held the ERASMUS+ Charter since 2010 and is partnered with the media group (international publication for French speakers living abroad). This has facilitated students completing internships in over 60 cities around the world.


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