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La Gran Colombia University (Universidad La Gran Colombia UGC)

La Gran Colombia University (Universidad La Gran Colombia UGC)

La Gran Colombia University (Universidad La Gran Colombia UGC)


The Universidad La Gran Colombia is a legal person of private law of utility common, non-profit, legally organized from the beginning as a corporation and, in the world of higher education institutions, constituted as a university, consecrated to the professional culture of the Gran-Colombian peoples and to the consolidation of historical links between them, with a Christian concept of education and in harmony with the principles of modern science, in advanced training programs, with criteria universality in the activities of scientific and technological research, the academic training in professional techniques, technologies and professions or disciplines and the production, development, and transmission of knowledge and a culture that appropriates dignity human and coexistence.

Universal by definition, it will attend all fronts of culture and human formation, will preferably seek the promotion of scientific and technological research and teaching working men in professional techniques, state-of-the-art technologies and professions or disciplines that rationalize their production processes through programs undergraduate courses and senior management training seminars that ensure training permanent to appropriate the advances of science and the promotion of studies of deepening and research and high culture for postgraduates in academic programs of specializations, masters, doctorates and post-doctorates.


  • Chapinero

    Chapinero, Colombia