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La Salle International Graduate School IGS Master in Innovation Management for ICT professionals
La Salle International Graduate School IGS

Master in Innovation Management for ICT professionals

Madrid, Spain

9 Months

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Sep 2023

EUR 12,000 / per year



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Master in Innovation Management for ICT professionals

Master in Innovation Management for ICT professionals is the only executive program in innovation management, as it is the only one that is oriented towards high profiles.

Addressed to:

  1. Professionals who direct, coordinate and manage innovation projects.
  2. Managers who have to assume the implementation of an R+D+i management system within the framework of an SME.
  3. Professionals and Entrepreneurs in the ICT sector who want to guide their career in the field of R+D+i.


Graduates and professionals with relevant experience in ICTs or in the R+D+i field

Designed jointly with the Information Technology Foundation (FTI) and AMETIC and sponsored by TELEFÓNICA and INDRA, this program prepares for:

• Promote innovative environments and assess the impact on the organization, value chain, market and users, from a business perspective.

• Manage projects, both individually and in cooperation.

• Know the sources of financing, tax measures and intellectual property.

• Acquire management skills in this environment.

It is a high-level innovation management program by combining:

o Professors, the leading experts in innovation in companies and public administrations (MITYC, MICINN and CDTI),

o Students, managers of SMEs highly specialized in innovation and managers of large technology corporations linked to the company's strategy


MODULE 0: Introduction. Innovation eTIC Cooperate - Compete in a globalized world.

MODULE 1: Innovation in eTIC Companies and analysis of the environment.

• Company Policy

• Introduction to Innovation in the eTic company.

• Innovation in the organization of companies.

• Tools for innovation management.

• R+D+i management systems.

• Industrialization of Ideas.

• Entrepreneurial initiative and business creation.

• Digital marketing.

• Analysis of innovative experiences in the Company.

MODULE 2: The Innovation project

• Project Management in the Organization.

• Innovation Projects in tactical and strategic Cooperation.

MODULE 3: Financing, taxation and protection of Innovation.

• Financial Economic Management.

• National Public Funding of R+D+i

• International Public Financing of R+D+i

• Other sources of funding for R+D+i

• Taxation of R+D+i

• Protection of Innovation.

MODULE 4: Skills Seminars.

MODULE 5: Opportunities and impact of eTic in other sectors.


This program presents a novel approach with the aim of training professionals capable of solving critical aspects of innovation and technology management in the company.

At the end of the Program, the student will be able to:

• Promote and develop innovative environments in the company, developing creativity to generate new ideas, products and services.

• Analyze and assess the impact of innovation on the organization, value chain, market and users.

• Develop innovation projects, both individually and in cooperation, knowing the most appropriate sources of financing at a national and European level.

• Acquire knowledge, skills and management skills in the environment of technology and innovation.

• Develop skills for team and project management.

• Analyze, develop and value industrial and intellectual property in the company.

• Know the fiscal measures that affect R+D+I Projects.

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