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Lucerne School of Business – Management Programs

Lucerne School of Business – Management Programs

Lucerne School of Business – Management Programs


About us

Centre of excellence for higher education in management

We are entirely devoted to education and innovation – for people, for companies and institutions, for Central Switzerland, and for the world.

The Lucerne School of Business is Central Switzerland's center of excellence in the economically and socially important areas of business and regional economics, banking and finance, communications and marketing, as well as tourism and mobility. The demanding, practically relevant, and research-based bachelor's and master's degree programs we offer are instrumental in turning out qualified employees for companies, public institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. Our portfolio of broad-based continuing and executive education programs makes us the largest continuing education provider amongst Switzerland’s business schools at universities of applied sciences. We are committed to anchoring our research and development projects in the dialogue between research, business, and the community. Clients from all parts of society benefit from the broad knowledge and immense project management experience of our experts. Based in Lucerne and Zug-Rotkreuz in Central Switzerland, our extensive national and international networks offer pathways to the world. Some 350 employees work for the Lucerne School of Business, all of whom possess high levels of research and academic skills, as well as broadly based practical expertise. Currently, around 2,200 students benefit from our bachelor's and master's programs. Last year, some 2,200 people attended our continuing education and executive CAS, DAS, and MAS programs, with 4,800 attending a specialist course or seminar.

The Lucerne School of Business further offers Finance and Real Estate programs

Our Mission

The Lucerne School of Business develops people and organizations, in particular in Central Switzerland, but also nationally and internationally. Its services are aligned with the current and future needs of its partners from the business and research communities, as well as from society generally.

The School's mandate covers degree programs, continuing and executive education, and research and consultancy services. Its degree and continuing and executive education programs provide professionally oriented qualifications and are research-based; its research is application-oriented, competitive, and open to experimentation; its services are fit for the market, implementation-oriented, and based on research.

Students and employees appreciate learning and working at the University. Ambitious goals are met thanks to pragmatic cooperation in and between manageably-sized units. Students and employees act responsibly as a team; they are inquisitive, precise, and self-reflecting.

Quality: A Recipe for Success

The benchmark for our educational provision is the employment market: more than 95 percent of our students are quickly in employment after they graduate. 70 percent even go straight to executive-level positions. We measure the success of our continuing and executive education programs by the satisfaction of our students and the impact on their professional careers. By the same token, the quality of our research is measured against its acceptance by the research community and its relevance to commercial enterprises, institutions, and associations.

Campus Features

One organization, two campuses, four institutes

The Lucerne School of Business teaches and conducts research in Lucerne and Rotkreuz. Its campuses are centrally located and well served by public transport.


    AACSB Accredited


    • Lucerne

      Zentralstrasse 9 P.O. Box 2940 CH- 6002 Lucerne, 6002, Lucerne

      • Risch-Rotkreuz

        Suurstoffi,1, 6343, Risch-Rotkreuz