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Mediterranean College MSc Renewable Energy Engineering
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MSc Renewable Energy Engineering

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  • The only MSc in Renewable Energy Systems (RES) in Greek private education
  • Focuses on the Greek RES industry needs.
  • Develops highly sought-after know-how and skills.
  • Recognised degree by a Top 26 UK University.

From solar and wind energy to geothermal, hydropower, and biomass, and from tidal waves to fuel cells and hydrogen technologies, everywhere in the world around us there is abundantly available energy that is renewable and, practically, inexhaustible. The utilization of this renewable energy potential is not only our obligation to the environment and the planet but also a great scientific, technological, and economic challenge now and in the immediate future. The market for RES utilization systems and technologies is growing rapidly around the world.

In Greece, the decade 2020 – 2030 is expected to be the decade of RES, as the National Plan for Energy and Climate to which the country is committed, will mobilize great private and public investments to replace conventional power stations with a new power generation mix.

The MSc Renewable Energy Engineering provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to join the world of RES and prepare your professional career in this cutting-edge field. If you see your professional future in the modern energy sector, then this program is for you.

The course is designed in collaboration with the University of Derby, TOP26 UK University (Guardian University Guide 2020). Its presence in the heart of the English industry and its connection with giant companies such as Toyota, Rolls Royce, Bombardier, and JCB, has established it as a university of high innovation, cutting-edge research, and degree programs that respond to current market needs.

What you will study

This programme helps students acquire knowledge and develop competencies and skills in the analysis, design, and implementation of RES utilization systems. Students familiarize themselves with basic concepts and principles, as well as advanced modelling, design, and development of photovoltaic systems, wind power stations, biomass utilization, small hydropower plants, geothermal energy, etc.

At the same time, it helps them understand the challenges of RES integration in the wider power generation system and introduces them to modern energy fields, such as hybrid RES utilization systems (such as the combination of solar and wind power in desalination plants) and energy storage systems.

The curriculum offers training in the fundamentals of energy economics, mainly in the form of methods and tools for evaluating small-scale energy investments. Also, students can specialize in areas such as energy-saving and rational management in the building stock and maintenance of RES units.

The programme finally allows students to conduct research work, under the supervision of experienced faculty, which can lead to publication in international conferences or academic journals or be used by partner companies in the design or construction of real projects.

Why choose this course

  • We have the longest experience in the sector, being the first College in Greece to offer a Mechanical Engineering university degree.
  • This is the only postgraduate study programme in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in Greek private education.
  • Our MSc degree is awarded by the top-ranked UK university in Greece and TOP26 University in the UK (Guardian Guide, 2020).
  • It has a clear orientation to the real needs of the Greek RES market and links to green energy companies.
  • The programme responds to the needs of working professionals: flexible or blended study, assessment through project-based assignments.
  • You will be taught by experienced lecturers, active professionals, and research Engineers specialising in RES.
  • You will develop the necessary technical skills for a career in the sector in Greece & abroad.
  • You will conduct your own original research, with the opportunity of publication in the proceedings of international conferences and scientific journals.


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