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MIU City University Miami Master of Science in International Business Administration
MIU City University Miami

Master of Science in International Business Administration

18 Months

English, Spanish

Full time, Part time

USD 10,430 *

Distance Learning, On-Campus

* you can apply for scholarship. Flexible payment terms in 18 months


The International MBA focuses on three key areas, allowing you to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the complexity of organizational management in the modern, ever-shifting business landscape.

  • Understanding a changing world: strategy and vision: Explore how the world is changing and its impact on organizations. Raise your strategic thinking on how to compete in uncertain times.
  • Business excellence and growth engines: Cultivate a multidisciplinary and strategic vision of the corporate context and deep dive into the different functional areas of the organization with the latest managerial approaches and skills. You will be equipped to design, implement and adopt growth and value-creating strategies.
  • Leadership and management in action: Enhance your management and leadership capabilities, strengthening your ability to manage teams, navigate change and uncertainty, and your potential to inspire and perform at your peak level.

MIU offers you the opportunity to choose from two different study modes. Each format is designed to meet the different specific needs of students.


  • Adapting to your rhythm. Distribute your workload according to your personal study rhythm, schedule, and career. This enables you to strike the optimal balance between your learning and professional objectives.
  • Top educational technology. Our program employs the best use of technology for education to provide an exceptional distance learning experience. We use a combination of online discussions, multimedia documents, video conferences, workshops, and more, to provide a highly adapted, interactive, and user-friendly educational experience.
  • Because life is digital. Every day, businesses have teams scattered throughout the world, leading projects from different parts of the globe. Our online format mirrors this reality, allowing you to strike the balance between academic progress, professional growth, and personal fulfillment. Don’t put your life on hold!


  • The US Experience. Live in Miami, an international hub of multiculturalism, and experience the hustle and bustle of a major US city.
  • Truly diverse. Meet international professionals from different backgrounds and create long-lasting business relationships.
  • A burst of vision. Each cohort is hand-selected and limited in size, allowing each and every student to personally interact with international faculty and classmates, getting the most out of their classes.

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