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National Formosa University

National Formosa University

National Formosa University


To be a top-class university of technology with characteristics that stress humanity and broad-spectrum education. To stress the importance of quality in teaching, research, and services to industry. To deliver general education in order to underpin students’ professional knowledge and skills. To improve the communication abilities of students. To provide holistic guidance and assistance.

To provide employment counseling, and incubation of creative talents by offering a resource-rich learning environment. To continue to develop excellent faculty, campus-wide wireless internet access, and multi-disciplinary education.

To emphasize educational research that is integrated with industrial development. The promotion of excellence is an important area of research in the incubation center. The establishment of interdisciplinary laboratories that integrate microelectronic systems, precision machine tools, materials and green energy, aeronautics and electronic technology, energy science and technology, creative technology, and e-business technology. To provide faculty and students with a learning platform that is multi-disciplinary, inter-departmental, and international.


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