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Pedagogical University Bolivia (Universidad Pedagógica)

Pedagogical University Bolivia (Universidad Pedagógica)

Pedagogical University Bolivia (Universidad Pedagógica)


The Pedagogical University was created by DS 25386 on May 21, 1999.

Article 1 establishes: Create the Pedagogical University in the city of Sucre, as a process of transformation of the current Higher Normal Institute "MARISCAL SUCRE". It will depend on the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports, through the Vice Minister of Higher Education, Sciences and Technology.

Supreme Decree No. 0156 of June 6, 2009, in its Art. 3 paragraph I states that the “Pedagogical University based in the city of Sucre, is transformed into a university higher education institution for the attention of continuous training and studies postgraduate studies in educational sciences and specialties in the diploma, master and doctorate degrees ”.

The Pedagogical University is a decentralized institution dependent on the Ministry of Education through the Vice Ministry of Professional Training and the General Directorate of Teacher Training, based in the city of Sucre, responsible for the postgraduate training of teachers that promotes educational debate and the development of research, technology and innovation processes, to respond to the problems and needs inherent to the transformation of the Plurinational Educational System under the Constitutional framework and Law No. 070 on Education Avelino Siñani - Elizardo Pérez.


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