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Sangji University

Sangji University

Sangji University


Sangji University is a democratic university where democracy overflows like a river.

Sangji University is a special university driven by students.

Sangji University is an educational community where science, thought, life, youth, and the future coexist.

The reason universities are different from corporations is that they pursue the public interest of the country and society. The reason universities are different from hagwons is that they explore the truth beyond the one-sided transfer of knowledge. The reason why universities are different from government bureaucracies is that they pursue unlimited freedom beyond the walls of rules. Sangji University has the public interest, truth, and freedom.

Sangji is a university where you can achieve anything you can imagine.

Sangji University is overflowing with academic freedom and freedom of thought. Sangji University has an intellect who thinks about society beyond the individual and thinks about the distant future of the country. Sangji University has a dream. Above all, Sangji University is a hall of democracy where democracy can be experienced anywhere in Korea is alive and alive. Sangji University, with a 62-year history, is a living field of education democracy in Korea.


  • Wonju-si

    Wonju-si, South Korea