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University of Southern Denmark MA in English Studies
University of Southern Denmark

MA in English Studies

2 Years


Full time

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01 Sep 2024

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* for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens and applicants holding a Danish residence permit I for non-EU/EEA citizens without a current residence permit deadline is 01.02.2024

* free for full degree students from the Nordic countries or from the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland; 3,100 EUR per semester for students with a non-EU/EEA-citizenship or non-Swiss-citizenship


What is English? Is it one specific language, spoken by a substantial part of the people inhabiting the globe in a variety of national, regional and local dialects, or is it, as has been suggested recently by the invention of the term Global English, a lingua franca, more like several different languages with a number of common denominators?

Similar questions could be asked with respect to literature(s) written in English and to the historical and cultural development of English-language nations and cultures. English Studies is a two-year full-time MA program that aims to train students to investigate and answer such questions by broadening their knowledge of the English-speaking world and its cultures as well as by developing their theoretical and methodological skills and communicative competences so as to be able to disseminate their knowledge to non-experts.



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