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University of Southern Denmark MSc in Biology
University of Southern Denmark

MSc in Biology

2 Years


Full time

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01 Sep 2024

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* for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens and applicants holding a Danish residence permit I for non-EU/EEA citizens without a current residence permit deadline is 01.02.2024

* for full degree students from the Nordic countries or from the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland; 6,640 EUR per semester for students with a non-EU/EEA-citizenship or non-Swiss-citizenship


The Master's degree program in Biology combines a broad foundation in natural sciences with state-of-the-art knowledge and advanced experimental methodology within biology.

From the evolution of life on Earth to climate change

Biology covers a large spectrum of subjects, from molecules to ecosystems and from early life forms on Earth to climate changes on land and in the sea. As a graduate in Biology from SDU, you will gain a broad education that can be used in many different contexts; in the private business sector, in research, in teaching, or in public administration.

Work is primarily experimental, in laboratories on campus in Odense, at the Marine Biological Research Centre in Kerteminde, and the Svanninge Bjerge Research Station in southern Funen, as well as different locations around the country and the rest of the world.

You can piece your own profile together within the research areas covered by the Department of Biology.

Research at the Department of Biology

The Department of Biology at SDU focuses its research in experimental biology within four different areas. In these areas, the research is cutting edge and as a student, you get to be where that research is developed. However, teaching in the biological courses is broad and includes all basic biological disciplines.


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