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University of Southern Denmark MSc in Cultural Sociology
University of Southern Denmark

MSc in Cultural Sociology

2 Years


Full time

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* for full degree students from the Nordic countries or from the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland; 4,250 EUR per semester for students with a non-EU/EEA-citizenship or non-Swiss-citizenship


Cultural Sociology: The path which starts in the heart leads to new horizons

The Master’s Program in Cultural Sociology will provide you with a broad theoretical and empirical insight into a variety of topics while at the same time give you the opportunity to specialize in an area of research of your own particular interest.

As a master’s student in cultural sociology, you will gain a deep understanding of how social transformation processes on both state, institutional and community levels come into being through various social and cultural influences.

The master’s program covers classical and contemporary themes, theories, and methods within the cultural sociological research tradition. For instance, you will get a thorough introduction to both statistical tools and to a variety of advanced qualitative methods for collecting and analyzing empirical data. Furthermore, the program introduces the students to recent developments within sociological theory. Last, but not least, the program includes various thematic courses. Some are of a “hands-on” character, such as courses in project management and advanced evaluation methods. Other courses focus on themes such as Contemporary subcultures, counterculture, and social movements; the role of cultural values in economic practices; networks and social capital; processes of social identity formation as they unfold in both small tightly knit groups, in larger multi-ethnic communities, and through online-sociality; changing perceptions of the body, new gender roles and family patterns; new health cultures; the role of emotions and the senses in social life; rural-urban relations; globalization, migration, and racism; democracy, state-citizen relations, and civil society.

Part of the master's program is dedicated to the experience of being an intern. Hence students will have the opportunity to do an internship in a public organization, a private enterprise, or an NGO in Denmark or elsewhere in the world.



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