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University of Southern Denmark MSc in Engineering (Physics and Technology)
University of Southern Denmark

MSc in Engineering (Physics and Technology)

Sønderborg, Denmark

2 Years


Full time

Request application deadline *

Sep 2024

EUR 6,950 / per semester


* for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens and applicants holding a Danish residence permit I for non-EU/EEA citizens without a current residence permit deadline is 01.02.2024


A Physics and Technology engineer combines the best of two worlds: the drive of a physicist to understand the basic principles of how the world works and the drive of an engineer to find new technological solutions to the challenges of our society. Some of the main challenges of today are related to energy and climate, and the solutions are in many cases related to the intelligent use of materials.

In this program, you will obtain specialist skills in areas such as design, modeling, fabrication, and analysis of functional materials. This academic profile is a fast track to employment since it combines fundamental knowledge of materials with an application-oriented mindset. Here, applications include a wide range from advanced sensor technology for medical diagnosis or food analysis to the development of improved renewable energy sources.



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