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Seoul National


Formerly the site of Seoul National University’s College of Engineering, the SeoulTech Gongneung campus boasts one of the top five largest university campuses in Seoul. The campus is loved for its park-type design in which nature and relaxation coexist amongst ponds, trees, and lawns. The campus green area spans approximately 510,000 square meters at the foot of Buram Mountain. Campus development initiatives have been continuously carried out, maintaining local streams and improving roads to cultivate a beautiful and pleasant SeoulTech campus environment.

Winning a whopping seven awards, SeoulTech has been steadily strengthening its position in the government financial support program. The university has been carrying out various projects such as the two stage university industry cooperation program, lifelong education support, specialization of Seoul-based universities (CKII), innovation support for national universities, BK’s (Brain Korea) 21+ Project, safety for laboratory experimentation, and the Ministry of Employment and Labour’s work and study campaign. Along with the undergraduate programs; graduate schools, affiliated facilities, research institutes, and project teams have also shown a solid track record and are now securing scholarships and state of the art research facilities for students.


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    232 Gongneung-ro, Gongneung-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea, , Seoul