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Shinawatra University

Shinawatra University

Shinawatra University


In 1996, Shinawatra University began with the initiative of Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra and Prof. Dr. Pura Chai Piamsomboon. To establish a private university

To help support the development of neighboring countries and regions, combined with the idea of ​​developing a model of The university is friendly to the environment of Dr. Sunthorn Boonyathikarn until the year 1999, the university bureaus allows the establishment of Shinawatra University.

Shinawatra University aims to be a leading international university focused on academic research. The university strives for excellence in learning and teaching, innovation, leadership. Entrepreneurial development Community engagement and service It operates with the highest ethical standards and gives priority to social responsibility.


  • Bang Toei

    Bang Toei, Thailand