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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Texas A&M University College of Architecture


Creativity, innovation, and scholarly pursuits are the hallmarks of our programs.

The College of Architecture offers a top-notch education in a diverse range of disciplines that address critical, complex challenges in our natural, built, and virtual environments. After graduating, students are equipped to become leaders in their fields and make a difference in the world.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, construction science, land and property development, and visualization consistently rank among the best in the nation, topping lists of the most elite schools and standing out among costly private institutions. Our curricula include the traditional fundamentals of each discipline as well as interdisciplinary collaboration and high-impact learning opportunities such as study abroad, professional internships, and lifelong support from the Aggie Network.

As part of a Tier One research institution, the College of Architecture provides undergraduate and graduate students with real-life and field experience working alongside faculty researchers in their labs, research centers, and institutes, focusing on a variety of areas including healthcare facility design, housing, historic preservation, hazard resilience and recovery, and leadership in the design and construction industries.


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    College Station, USA