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Tottori University


The symbol mark of the University represents the initial letter “T” of Tottori University, which is designed in the form of a dynamically flying bird. The flowing lines comprising the mark express the dynamism with which the University flexibly adapts to the new era as a unique and attractive university with a distinct identity. The two wings intersecting in the center symbolize infinite (∞) possibility and the Fusion of Knowledge and Practice, the University’s basic principles, and represent the continuous growth of the University.

The three circles comprised of two wings and a tail represent the goals* of the University’s education and research activities, while the image colors of blue and green represent the sky and the sea or the earth and life, which are symbols of the Earth, suggesting that the University develops globally while being nurtured by rich nature.

1) Development of well educated human resources that can play key roles in society

2) Promotion of cutting-edge research to solve global, human, and social issues

3) Contribution to the industries and culture of the local community


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    Tottori, Japan