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Tallinn University of Technology MA in International Business Administration
Tallinn University of Technology

MA in International Business Administration

Tallinn, Estonia

2 Years


Full time

Request application deadline *

Aug 2024

EUR 4,700 / per year **


* non-EU citizens; 1 June - citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland

** for EU/EEA and non-EU citizens


Our program has two specializations: International Business Administration and Marketing and Customer Experience Management. Regardless of your specialization, we'll arm you with every tool needed to launch a successful career in business and/or marketing. All you need to do is work hard and pay attention.

You will study the basics of international marketing, strategic management, business planning, and execution. You will be limited only by your imagination: think big and you’ll make an impact. But most importantly: make your studies your number one priority, we will show you the tools, but only you can learn how to use them.

The International Business Administration program offers students a robust understanding of modern business practices, and the leadership skills needed to stay competitive in today’s global business landscape.

  • They say “your network is your net worth.” TalTech students will build a network of loyal friends and confidants, community connections that can lead to a wealth of opportunity
  • The International Business Administration Course will prepare you for immediate work anywhere, regardless of geographical or cultural restraints. All courses are taught by seasoned professors with international backgrounds
  • When you invest time and energy into your studies, you can expect well beyond the monetary. And you can do it all while living in Estonia, one of the most innovative and technologically advanced countries in the world
  • Estonia is named ‘the most advanced digital society in the world’ by Wired magazine. If you want to experience the future right now, TalTech is your best chance

Why Study International Business Administration in Taltech?

Many universities offer courses in international business, but why settle for good when the best is within reach?

  • Our course combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, making you a desired professional in the contemporary labor market. You will be taught by the best technical and business experts.
  • The International Business Administration program will equip you with everything you need to make a lasting mark in global business. TalTech graduates regularly get recruited by business managers around the world
  • The world is becoming smaller and smaller, and finding a niche is instrumental for any business, young start-up, or multinational corporation. As we encourage specializations as well as flexibility, we'll expose you to a variety of subjects so that you can then tailor each program according to your own learning and career goals
  • In today’s world, experience is everything. The International Business Administration course meets the standards and requirements of the rapidly globalizing world and you will have access to a myriad of international research projects as well as European Union-related endeavors
  • Estonia is one of the most digital societies in the world. We are a country that believes in entrepreneurship and studying business here is only natural



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