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University of Antwerp Master of Biology: Global Change Biology (M.Sc.)
University of Antwerp

Master of Biology: Global Change Biology (M.Sc.)

2 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

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* 979,60€ for EEA nationals | 5,800€ for non-EEA nationals


Within the Master’s programme specific attention is given to the development of nature-based solutions, where fundamental knowledge on ecosystems is translated into applied ecosystem management that addresses the negative impacts of global change. For example, you can conduct your Master’s thesis research on:

  • Negative CO2-emission technologies
  • Novel techniques for wetland restoration
  • Management of invasive species
  • Management of vector-based diseases

The Master of Biology: Global Change Biology programme benefits from state-of-the-art research performed within the University of Antwerp’s Department of Biology, which is at the international forefront of nature-based solutions and global change biology. The department houses some of the most highly-cited researchers on the topic at international level, and explores novel research horizons, including the use of advanced data analysis techniques in ecology (such as machine learning) and vector-based disease management from a one-health perspective. The department is also a leading partner in multiple large-scale research infrastructures, such as the Mesodrome and ICOS. Fundamental biology is directly coupled to technological innovation, economical implementation and societal valorisation.



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