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Universidad Europea Master's Degree in Fashion Design
Universidad Europea

Master's Degree in Fashion Design

Villaviciosa de Odón, Spain

10 Months


Full time

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18 Oct 2024

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The fashion industry is undergoing accelerated transformation in response to global challenges such as climate change, environmental degradation and the demand for greater social responsibility. In this context, the Master's Degree in Fashion Design was born, which simultaneously addresses sustainable approaches and digital transformation as an essential part of training future fashion designers.

This strategic combination not only reflects a conscious response to current issues, it prepares its students to align with changing consumer variations and the ever-evolving technological landscape.

The objective of the master's degree is, therefore, to ensure that professionals trained in this discipline are fully prepared not only to meet the needs demanded by the practice of fashion design today, but also to develop a capacity for adaptation and a vision. innovative, conscious, responsible, plural and critical, capable of holistically implementing digital transformation and sustainability in all phases of the fashion product value chain, with viability and circularity in mind.

Why study the Master's Degree in Fashion Design?


The transversal nature of both sustainability and digitalization applied to fashion, proposed in the subjects of this master's degree, demonstrate a novel approach compared to the approach of other degrees on the market.

In addition, we offer detailed training on multi-level strategies linked to sustainability and digitalization in the global fashion industry at a sociocultural, strategic and brand level.


We follow a methodological approach that combines analogue-digital tools and processes and a practical pedagogical approach that includes projects based on real cases from the fashion industry.

Theoretical-experiential learning is the basis of each of the subjects, which delve into technical, conceptual, experimental and strategic knowledge of fashion design and creation.


We work with a prestigious faculty made up of specialized professionals, active, and with recognized prestige in the fashion sector.

We are committed to personalized training, with a humanistic approach, which promotes equity, freedom, tolerance, as well as respect for diversity, universal accessibility and social inclusion in the fashion industry.




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