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Hebron University

Hebron University

Hebron University


Year of Establishment:

The idea of establishing a university in the city of Hebron became firmly-established in the minds of a group of its enlightened citizens headed by the late his Eminence Sheikh Mihammad ‘Ali Al-Ja’bari. This was after the rest of Palestine came under the Israeli occupation in 1967. This idea came to be implemented by the establishment of Hebron University the nucleus of which began by establishing the Islamic Shari’a College to be the first educational institution for university education in Palestine in 1971. Forty-three male and female students joined the college from different parts of Palestine.

Reasons for Establishment:

  • Keeping pace with the natural development in higher education and not to deprive the Palestinian people of education and lessening the exorbitant costs of learning outside Palestine.
  • Firmly establishing the Palestinians in their countries so that they remain an address of steadfastness and firmness.
  • Providing the Palestinian brothers in the occupied part since 1948 with the Islamic Arab culture which they had been deprived of for about two decades and preserving their native Arab and Islamic identity.
  • Encouraging the citizens of the Hebron Governorate who have been distinguished by their adherence to values and Islamic heritage by sending their daughters to obtain education and knowledge staring out from the saying of the Prophet Mohammad, may God’s prayer and peace be upon him: "The one who has a daughter and he brought her up well and educated her well, she will be a curtain protecting him from Hellfire.”

The University has developed to fulfill the need of the society for the different specializations. So other branches were opened, and different specializations in the sciences and arts were added to the mother College of Al-Shari’a. The name of the University was changed to become Hebron University in 1980. So the Colleges of Arts, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Finance and Administration, Nursing, Education and Graduate Studies were established. This year, the campus of the University includes seven thousand and one hundred and forty (7140) male and female students. All of this was done by God’s favor firstly and by the faithful efforts of the University Board of Trustees, its serious cadres and the efforts of benevolent citizens.

The University Campus:

Hebron University is located to the north-west of the city in an area called “Bi’er Al-Mahjar”. The area of the University and its annexes is one hundred and twelve dunams. It includes several buildings the total area of which is 14,850 square meters. They are used for the different purposes of the University, the most important of which is the University Campus which is surrounded by a stone wall the length of which is about 4 thousand meters. It has several entrances the most important of which is the Main Entrance which was built at the expense of the late his Eminence Sheikh Mohammad Al Al-Ja’abari (the construction was designed on the Andalusian Islamic Arab style). The University Campus includes several buildings which house the different faculties and departments. These buildings are: The Building of his eminence Sheikh Mohammad ‘Ali Al;-Ja’abar, the Faculty of Science and Technology Building—which was built by a partial contribution from the Islamic Bank for Development, The ‘Omar Bin Al-Khattab Building –with a partial contribution from Dr. Mani’ Sa’id Al-Utayba, and the Building of his Highness Prince Bandar Bin Sultan for Peace and Strategic Studies, the Students’ Activities Building, in addition to the University playground. There are several facilities for the University which are located outside the University Campus, the most important of which are: the Station of Plant Production Research the area of which is about 60 dunams and it is located in the ‘Arroub area, the Station of Animal Production Research , the area of which is around 19 dunams and it is located in the Zeef area, the Station of Pastures and Environment Research , the area of which is around 39 dunams and it is located in the area of Zeef to the East of the city of Yatta, the Research Center and the Continuing Education Department, the Center of Administrative and Technical Help Center, The University Model School, and the University building in the Old City of Hebron and this building includes a kindergarten, a library and an athletic club for women.


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