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University of Salzburg

University of Salzburg


Welcome to the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, a great place to study! Located in a breathtakingly beautiful alpine setting in Northwestern Austria, the city of Salzburg boasts a rich cultural heritage, an old town that is a UNESCO world heritage site, beautiful parks, palaces, and an imposing fortress. It is also a city known the world over for its favourite son Mozart and for the famed Salzburg music and arts festival. Since 1622 it has also been a university town when Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron founded the university that now bears his name. Today it comprises four faculties, with approximately 18,000 students and 2,800 employees. As a centre for innovative research, it is firmly integrated into the vibrant cultural and economic life of Salzburg and its environs that extend far into Southern Germany. With its cultural, intellectual, and economic ties, it is a modern knowledge hub located in the heart of Europe. We are also proud that our university blends seamlessly into the architectural ensemble of the historic centre. The University of Salzburg offers students a broad range of specializations with a balanced ratio of teachers to students. The University of Salzburg is committed to academic excellence and progress through research. It intends to play a vital role in helping tackle the great questions of our time. Reinhard Heinisch, Chair of the Department of Political Science on behalf of the Rector of the University of Salzburg, Prof. Heinrich Schmidinger.

The University is one of the largest employers in the country (Bundesland) and, as such, is a major stimulus for the economy of Salzburg. The management and supervision of the University is the responsibility of the Rectorate, the Rector, the University Council and the Senate. According to the organisation plan, the University is divided into Faculties, Departments, the School of Education, Focus Centres, other Institutions and Centres specialising in Research and Teaching and Administrative Services.


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