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Universidad de Granada Master in Management and Administration of Tourism Companies
Universidad de Granada

Master in Management and Administration of Tourism Companies

Granada, Spain

1500 Hours


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EUR 3,886 / per year *


* 100% scholarship option


The Master's program simultaneously considers the need for the rigor that a degree from one of the most prestigious universities in Spain must have and an eminently practical approach. We tell you something more about its methodology, content and teaching modules.

Advantages of the Master

  • International Master (more than 50% of international students).
  • Special emphasis on the relationship of internships in companies (wide offer of national and international companies with more than 50 collaborating companies) for incorporation into the labor market.
  • High rate of labor insertion.
  • Most of the professors Directors of companies.
  • The Master has scholarships of up to 100% of its amount.

Training objectives of the course

  • Learn to direct and manage a company in the tourism sector.
  • Integrate knowledge and practices, allowing the development of a project for the creation of a tourist company and carrying out internships in companies with the aim of later incorporating the student into the labor market when hiring.


The content of the program includes 60 ECTS credits that are developed in an academic year in various functional modules that cover the whole range of the different areas of work and functional departments in companies and institutions oriented to tourism. These modules incorporate specific sessions on all the most current topics in the tourism field, such as:

  • Congress Tourism
  • Tourism and Internet
  • Sun and Beach Tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • Adventure trip
  • Nature tourism
  • Rural tourism

These thematic sessions are combined with monographic sessions focused on the main areas of activity of the tourism company, such as:

  • Hostelry
  • Travel agency
  • Transportation Companies
  • Restoration
  • Theme parks
  • "Handling"

Knowledge about these areas is reinforced considering that all students who pass the training modules will have the guaranteed opportunity to develop internships in one of the leading companies in the sector that collaborate with the development of the Master.

Teaching modules

The academic development of the educational program has been divided into eleven large teaching modules that, in general, correspond to the most important areas in the management of a tourism company. The main modules of the program are:

  1. Presentation and opening conference
  2. Areas of Activity in the Tourism Industry
  3. Strategic Management of Tourism Companies
  4. Strategic Management of Human Resources in Tourism Companies
  5. Marketing Management in Tourism Companies
  6. Public Institutions and Legal Aspects in the creation and financing of Tourist Companies
  7. Investment, financing and accounting in tourism companies
  8. Quality and Environmental Management in Tourism Companies
  9. Innovation and New Technologies applied to the Tourism Sector
  10. English modules for specific purposes in tourist situations
  11. Final Master's Project (“Business Project”)
  12. Internships in Companies


The Master's program is developed with a methodology that starts with a very small number of students per group (never more than 25 people per group). The professors combine maximum professional and academic solvency and one of their most characteristic notes is the fundamental direct presence of senior managers of the sector who are part of the faculty of the program.

The training in each module of the teaching program combines at least four types of training sessions: seminars on the most important topics and trends in the sector, senior management experiences, round tables with experts, and practical visits and workshops. The program is reinforced with the parallel development of multiple sessions based on the discussion and debate of specific cases, the debate in specialized computer forums or the seminars and conferences of the highest level.

Teaching team



Why do this Master?

1. Future

This Master focuses on the tourism industry, which has been identified by the United Nations as one of the fastest growing business activities in the future, both in terms of the number of people that will travel, as well as in the expenditure that they will develop and in the number of jobs that will be created. will require covering. In reality, the tourism industry has already grown in the last decade, even when other activities have stagnated or decreased, generally in all geographical areas of the world.

2 Senior management

This Master satisfies the existing need for qualified professionals who occupy positions of directors of tourism companies, consultants or technical or political managers in the public administration related to the tourism field. The growth of activity in the tourism industry, its greater globalization and the increase in technological opportunities have increased the opportunities for highly qualified people in the tourism sector.

3. University of international prestige

This Master is developed in one of the most prestigious and oldest universities in Europe: the Universidad de Granada . The Universidad de Granada was created more than 500 years ago and has been awarded repeatedly by the European Union for its ability to provide specialized professional qualification to students with a broad international profile.

4. Professional

This Master has a specialized teaching staff that includes 60% of senior executives in the sector. In this context, the Master's sessions are always oriented to topics strongly linked to current business affairs and fostering the critical capacity and specialization of students. In addition, the master has an Advisory Council made up of highly qualified professionals who advise the coordinators of the Master with their ideas.

5. Collaboration of leading companies

This Master has the collaboration of more than 50 leading companies in the tourism sector. The companies that collaborate with the Master contribute their managers, experience and opinions on topics of maximum professional interest, sponsorship of certain activities or collaboration for the development of practices.

6. Guaranteed practices

This Master guarantees a professional internship period of between 3 to 6 months depending on the student's preferences. The Master has a tutoring program to identify the specific preferences of each student regarding the destination of their internships and tries to offer them the most appropriate internships possible for their preferences.

7. Adjusted prices

This Master offers very reasonable prices thanks to the collaboration of companies and institutions and scholarships of up to 100% offered by the Universidad de Granada . The price of the Master can also be paid in up to three installments without any type of surcharge.

8. Living in Granada

Granada is an ideal city to live and study. The city where all this Master is developed offers all the leisure, health and commercial services of a large city. The atmosphere is very international and a high percentage of the population related to the university stands out (1 in 4 people are students in Granada). In addition, the geographical location is privileged, less than an hour's drive from tropical beaches on the one hand and ski resorts on the other. The city is one of the most visited in the world and the Alhambra palace and the Albaycin Quarter are world heritage sites for their beauty.

Thank you for your interest in our Master. The Universidad de Granada is proud to be able to offer one of the most prestigious postgraduate courses in Spain to study high tourism management. We encourage you to spend a year with us and enjoy the experience of learning with the best in a unique environment.


The Master's Degree in Tourism Business Management and Administration at the Universidad de Granada has a number of places limited to exclusively 25 people and a pre-registration process to be able to select the candidate based on their merits, interest and potential. It is therefore important to formally request pre-enrollment in the Master as far in advance as possible to guarantee the possibility of being admitted to the program.

It is a very good idea to complete the form to receive updated and complementary information in this regard.

The first part of the Master consists of the development of the training sessions of the different modules, which will take place from Monday to Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences and will conclude approximately at the end of March.

Once the face-to-face period is over, the project and internship period will begin respectively. The internship period is developed from the completion of the theoretical-practical training, carrying out the development of the project in the months immediately before and / or after the internship. The Master ends in October with the defense of the project. Passing all the modules of the program will be a necessary condition for obtaining the title of "Master in Management and Administration of Tourism Companies" by the Universidad de Granada .

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