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Universidad de Murcia


A teaching institution of higher education that has infrastructure for teaching and research of international excellence. An innovative, dynamic, responsible university committed to its environment, which does not forget its historical roots.

Mission, vision and values of the Universidad de Murcia

The Mission of the university outlines its purpose or reason for being, and its Vision reflects what it wants to become in the future, the perspective of the University in the long term.

The Universidad de Murcia is a public institution of Higher Education with an international scope of action. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of society, acting as a dynamic agent in cooperation with the other social agents. Its main activities focus on the development of Research, Training, Knowledge Transfer, and Cultural Dissemination, applying innovation and continuous improvement processes to all of them, with the purpose of achieving a high level of quality of results, visible through a clear transparency policy.

Its main values, included in the Code of Ethics of the Universidad de Murcia , are Commitment, Dialogue, Respect and Responsibility:

  • The Commitment demands to assume the objectives of the University and adopt to achieve these goals a good administration and management, enhancing university social responsibility, overcoming personal and corporate selfishness to engage with others in university tasks and in solving common problems.
  • The Dialogue implies the willingness to coordinate reasonably and reasonably with others to cooperate effectively taking into account the positioning, interests or situation of each one, with the purpose of peacefully solving those seeking the right balance and consensus.
  • Respect implies treating all people with impartiality, deference and consideration, avoiding discrimination for reasons beyond their merits and avoiding prejudices, according to the consideration of the equal dignity of every human being as a supreme value.
  • Responsibility consists in honestly assuming one's own duties and obligations, and being willing to give an account of this to whomever corresponds, acting in accordance with the ethical principles personally assumed, being key elements goodwill, coherence and exemplary practice.

These values are in turn identified with the defense and promotion of Human Rights, universal accessibility, equality between men and women, the culture of peace and democratic values, participation, interdisciplinarity, pluralism, defense of the environment. and sustainability.

10 reasons to choose the UMU

1. Why UMU?

Centennial University strategically positioned in the present and prepared for the future

The Universidad de Murcia (UMU) is an international institution with more than one hundred years old, whose origins date back to the thirteenth century. It has more than 30,000 students (2,000 of them international), 3,000 researchers and professors and more than 1,200 administration employees.

2. Multidisciplinary offer of studies

60 degrees, 72 masters and 36 doctorates

The UMU is a public and comprehensive university that offers 60 degree programs - 5 double degrees -, 72 master's degrees and 36 doctoral degrees in the fields of Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Health Sciences, Sciences, Social Sciences and Law.

3. Bet on quality education

Quality recognition in university centers and services

The Universidad de Murcia focuses on academic excellence and plays a very important role in research (350 research groups, 4 institutes and research centers), teaching and innovation in all areas of knowledge. In addition, it works closely with national and international companies.

4. Leading the way in digital technology, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence

Leading European Commission projects for research and innovation in cybersecurity

It offers a wide range of services, such as "Lola Chatbot", with artificial intelligence to help students choose their studies and answer questions in the admission process.

5. Connection with the labor market

More than 75% of students get an occupation after finishing the degree

UMU students have the opportunity to pursue intellectual development as well as to acquire professional skills.

6. University open to the world, with more than 2,000 students making international mobility plans

7 bilingual Spanish-English programs and students of more than 50 nationalities

Our institution offers 4 degree courses in English (Law, Business Management and Administration, Primary Education, and English Studies), and 3 postgraduate programs (Biology and Technology of Mammalian Reproduction, New Technologies in Computer Science, and Physics).

7. Satisfaction of international students

Located among the best rated universities in Europe by students

The International Welcome Point at the UMU (International Welcome Point - IWP) provides information on issues such as the admission procedure, obtaining accommodation and legalization.

8. Commitment to society

Attention to diversity and equal opportunities between women and men

UMU is the second university in Spain that integrates a greater number of students with disabilities. Through its Service of Attention to Diversity and Volunteering, it participates in the "Inclusive Campus Program: Campus without limits" funded by the Government of Spain, ONCE and the REPSOL Foundation.

9. Commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Project best valued in terms of sustainable development

ODSessions is the project that the Universidad de Murcia is developing for the promotion and awareness of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Until April 2021, the UMU will dedicate one month to each of these objectives with dissemination, recreational, training and solidarity activities.

10. Murcia, a city for students

Quality of life in a unique environment in the Mediterranean

Located in the southeast of Spain, the city of Murcia benefits from an excellent location, low cost of living and a great variety in the cultural and tourist offer. In its squares and terraces you can discover a quiet and friendly city for students. With about half a million inhabitants, it is the seventh city in Spain.

Ethical code

In order to transform the University into the most fair and honest version possible, the Code of Ethics of the Universidad de Murcia was approved in 2016, prepared after a process in which all the groups that are part of it collaborated.

The four fundamental values on which it is based, Commitment, Dialogue, Respect and Responsibility, should guide all the actions and relationships of the university community. Therefore, it is our priority to disseminate the Code of Ethics at all levels of the Universidad de Murcia , also seeking their full understanding and implementation.

Its effective compliance will be supervised by the Code of Ethics Monitoring Commission (CSCE), established on September 4, 2018. This is made up of people from different areas of the university community and experts:

  • Antonio José Carrasco Hernández. Campus Infrastructure Coordinator
  • Carmen Sánchez Trigueros. Director of the Unit for Equality between Women and Men
  • Emilio Martínez Navarro. Responsible for the elaboration of the Code of Ethics
  • Francisco Esquembre Martínez. Vice Chancellor for Research and Transfer
  • José Antonio Cascales Saseta. Manager
  • José Ramón Salcedo Hernández. Director of the Bioright Law Master: Law, Ethics and Science
  • Juan José Vera Martínez. University Advocate
  • Longinos Marín Rives. Vice Chancellor for Social Responsibility and Transparency
  • Bald Pigeon. Vice Chancellor of Students and Services to the University Community
  • José Miguel Rojo Martínez. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Student Council of the Universidad de Murcia

Since its creation, the CSCE has organized both virtual and physical distribution of the Code of Ethics. Currently, all the buildings of the Universidad de Murcia , not only the faculties, but also those destined for the staff, have one or two dispensers with copies of the Code of Ethics, which are being replaced.

In addition, all the new workers of the Universidad de Murcia now receive the Code of Ethics in the Human Resources Area.

Other actions related to the dissemination of the Code of Ethics have been the giving of lectures on it to new students of some Faculties that required it, by Professor Emilio Martínez Navarro, or the appointment of classrooms as the values of the Code of Ethics, such as the Respect Room of the Faculty of Sports Sciences.


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