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Viña del Mar University

Viña del Mar University

Viña del Mar University


The Viña del Mar University is a non-profit Private Law Corporation, created on November 21, 1988, which began its academic activity for the first time with the careers of Architecture, Commercial Engineering, Computer Civil Engineering, and Journalism.

In 1991, the University accepted the Accreditation System established by the Constitutional Organic Law of Education (L.O.C.E.) that created the Higher Council of Education; and in 2000, said council granted the University institutional autonomy.

With the aim of concentrating a large part of the academic activity of the University in a larger space, and considering the projections of the Rodelillo sector as a pole of educational, cultural, social, business, and technological development for the region, March 30, 2004, is The Rodelillo Campus was inaugurated, which currently houses six of the nine schools of the University.

In 2009 the Laureate educational network became an active member of the university. This collaboration implied having international standards, aimed at consolidating the Viña del Mar University project in the region.

At the beginning of 2011, after an exhaustive strategic planning process, the Strategic Development Plan (PDE) was implemented for the period 2011-2015, allowing to guide the academic and institutional work of the university in the said period, and update the Educational Project incorporating institutional values ​​into the training process. In this context, and established in the PDE 2016-2020, the university considered the development of a new day for professional careers, counting today with various evening programs and modalities of Continuity of Studies.


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