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Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Master's Degree in Digital Business
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Master's Degree in Digital Business

1 Years

Spanish, English

Full time

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EUR 84 / per credit *


* price for non-resident non-community students is just approximate since then each academic rate is different.


A Master's degree in Digital Business is a specialized program that focuses on preparing students to navigate and excel in the rapidly evolving world of digital technology and its impact on modern businesses. This advanced degree equips graduates with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to leverage digital innovations, data analytics, and e-commerce to drive growth, improve operations, and gain a competitive advantage in the digital marketplace.

What knowledge will I acquire with this Master's?

  • Determine the new digital technologies that impact or will impact the business, as well as their easements and their potential application in organizations.
  • Develop a Digital Strategy that allows you to enhance the competitive advantages of an organization, and preserve them in the future.
  • Manage the necessary tools to successfully adapt the structures and processes of organizations, take advantage of digital opportunities, and reduce underlying threats.
  • Choose, at all times, new products/services and accessible markets through digital technologies.
  • Propose objectives within the Strategic Plans in the short and medium term for a better use of digital technologies.
  • Support the transformation process and the development of new capabilities required to accompany said digital change in organizations.



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