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Universidade de Vigo Master in Energy and Sustainability
Universidade de Vigo

Master in Energy and Sustainability

Vigo, Spain

2 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 1,045 *


* EU: €835.80 - Non-EU: €1,044.75


The objective of the master's degree is to impart knowledge related to energy, covering concepts such as energy efficiency and certification, renewable energy and implementation of energy systems both in the industrial field and in the tertiary sector. The master's degree has a clear practical vocation, so that the student can use the knowledge received in carrying out projects that incorporate both the technical and the economic and environmental aspects.

The master's classes will preferably be given on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. The subject exams and the presentation of works will be carried out preferably on Thursdays from 19:00.

During the course, the use of remote teaching tools will be reinforced without losing sight of the fact that the master's degree is currently designed as a face-to-face master's degree. By way of example, the defense of works can be carried out remotely using the tools developed by UVIGO for this purpose.

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