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Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour Master in Bio-Inspired Materials
Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour

Master in Bio-Inspired Materials

Pau, France

2 Years


Full time

31 Mar 2024

01 Sep 2024

EUR 243 / per year *


* for extra-European students: €3770/year. For academic year 2022-2023, UPPA will automatically provide partial reduction of these fees to extra-EU nationals; as a result, they will pay the same enrolment fees as European nationals


This master's degree aims to offer an educational background connecting the laboratory environment and the living world while responding to ecological and sustainable transition challenges. Mimicking strategies elaborated by Nature represent infinite scientific and technological challenges. These challenges will be taken up through bioinspiration and biomimicry angles keeping in mind environmental awareness and ethics.

We offer our students a unique opportunity to explore and get inspired by living systems to develop novel materials. Our biomimetic approach focuses on cross-disciplinary courses that will make students reconsider how they elaborate syntheses, formulations, and processing of tomorrow's materials as needed by the industrial partners to build our future society

In both the first and the second year of the master's, the students will be trained to draw inspiration from Nature through a biomimetic approach. This multidisciplinary approach, which resorts to both fundamental science and materials engineering, is based on the observation and understanding of living organisms within their ecosystems. To succeed in this course, students will have to grasp abstract concepts to design biological models adapted to scientific and technological developments.

The teaching program, including lectures, supervised and practical work, and case studies, is primarily centered around student-based teaching strategies including Project-based learning. Entirely in English, teaching is performed by university lecturers and researchers as well as socio-professional stakeholders. The practical works and case studies take place in the laboratories of the Multidisciplinary Research Institute for the Environment and Materials (IPREM CNRS UMR 5254), using high-performance and cutting-edge equipment. Lectures are scheduled at the beginning of the training course to harmonize the basic knowledge of students originating from various educational backgrounds (biology, physics, and chemistry). Through this approach, we wish to develop the student's soft skills to encourage autonomy and stimulate curiosity, creativity, and emotional intelligence. The primary objective is to train future young researchers with special know-how in collaborative thinking and the ability to drive bio-inspired research projects.



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