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Ahmad Dahlan University

Ahmad Dahlan University


UAD continues to improve its various services so that it becomes a comfortable learning place for students, various collaborations are continuously being improved, starting from cooperation with fellow educational institutions, research institutions, government, non-governmental organizations and industry, both national and international.

The hope is that with these various collaborations, students will get maximum learning outcomes as the goal of education in Muhammadiyah, "To form Muslim people who are faithful, devoted, have noble character, capable of self-confidence, advance and develop knowledge and skills and do good deeds towards the realization of a main, fair and community society. prosperous, blessed by Allah SWT ". That is why UAD has a motto "Moral and Intellectual Integrity".

Our tertiary institution also has many scientific studies in various existing faculties and study programs, not to mention the institutions and discussion forums in it, so anyone who wants to study at UAD has various choices of scientific studies with various variations. This also provides an opportunity for students to enrich their knowledge and experience research at Ahmad Dahlan University.


  • Yogyakarta

    Jl. Kapas No.9, Semaki, Kec. Umbulharjo, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55166, Indonesia, , Yogyakarta