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University of Borås

University of Borås

University of Borås


In the heartland of Swedish textile innovation and industry, in the Viskan Valley, a short drive from Sweden's second-largest city lies our university and the city of Borås.

At the University of Borås, we cultivate learning, knowledge, and innovation of high quality in an international setting and with significant social relevance. Our focus is on working together for the future – to make a difference.

Here, you can choose among many different Bachelor’s and Master’s programs relevant to your future career. We offer unique programs in many subject areas, several of which can only be found here and which attract students from all over the world.

At the University of Borås, collaboration around sustainable development in our educational programs is important. You as a student are stimulated to think critically in your education and are given a sound basis for working for – and in – a sustainable society.

Campus Features

Centrally located and only ten minutes from the main train and bus station in Borås, the campus of the University of Borås is the clear heart of student life in Borås. You will find everything you need right here on campus! In addition to lecture halls, we have one of Sweden's best libraries, as well as restaurants, cafés, and a student bookstore.

Our facilities are modern and well equipped for studies and research as well as relaxation. Here, you can easily find spaces for studying alone or with your study group, or having a traditional Swedish "fika" with your friends.

The University of Borås does not have a campus with student housing, which means that all students are responsible for booking their own accommodation. However, the International Office cooperates with the local housing agency in Borås and can assist admitted exchange students with how to find a place to stay.

Read more about finding accommodation on our website.


    1. Apply online

    The website (external link) is the official website for applying to higher education in Sweden. It is managed by UHR - The Swedish Council for Higher Education. UHR manages the admission process together with the Swedish universities. If you apply as an exchange student from a university currently having an exchange agreement with the University of Borås, please see the application process for exchange students instead. Please note that if you are not an EU/EEA citizen you have to pay an application fee of SEK 900 before your application becomes valid. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. To find out if you are required to pay the application fee, please visit (external link)

    2. Send supporting documents

    Once you have completed your online application you must submit supporting documents such as copies of your passport, high school/university diplomas, transcripts, and English language certificates.

    You can upload your documents using the uploading function on the website - this is the fastest and easiest way to complete your application. You can also submit your documents via regular mail or a delivery service to:

    University Admissions in Sweden

    R 312

    SE-106 53 Stockholm


    Make sure you have read the information at about documenting your eligibility and specific instructions that may apply to your country.

    3. First assessment of your application

    Once the National Admissions Office has received your supporting documents they will be forwarded on to a central unit which makes a first assessment of your application to make sure that it meets the general entry requirements.

    4. Experienced staff assess your application and ensure your application meet the specific entry requirements

    If your application meets the general entry requirements it is sent to the local Admissions Office at the University of Borås where experienced staff assess your application and ensure that it meets the specific entry requirements.

    5. The selection process

    When the local Admissions Office has assessed all applications the selection begins. The University of Borå's do not use selection groups specifically for fee-paying students.

    6. Notification of Selection Results

    Once the selection results have been published, you will receive an email reminder from the National Admissions Office to log in to 'My pages' at and check your results.

    Your notification will be accessible online as well as in a printable PDF file.

    Admitted students will receive general information from the university on the Notification of Selection Results.

    7. Register

    Admitted students need to register for their program and courses in order to keep their place in the program. The registration period usually takes place in the week before the semester starts. The University of Borå will send information by e-mail to all admitted students with instructions about how to register.

    English language proficiency

    For most master's level courses and programmes, the requirement is the equivalent to English course B/6 from Swedish upper Secondary School (high school).

    Proficiency in English can be proven by test scores from a number of internationally recognised tests.

    Scholarships and Funding

    Scholarships from the University of Borås

    The scholarships offered by the University of Borås are intended to cover the tuition fee by approximately 75 percent, they are not designed to cover living costs. The payment is not made in monetary terms; instead, the tuition fee will be reduced by the amount of the tuition fee waiver.

    The University&rsquo's criteria in awarding scholarships are good study records and qualifications that the University assesses to be in line with the University&rsquo's prioritized educational or research areas.

    For full conditions see our Guidelines for granting scholarships to tuition fee-paying students at the University of Borås (pdf)

    Are you not sure if you are required to pay tuition fees? Read more under Tuition Fees


    The application for scholarships for 2024 opens on 1 December.

    Students granted a scholarship will be notified shortly after the election result is published in March 2024.

    Scholarships for current students at the University of Borås

    For students already enrolled in a two-year program at the University of Borås, there is a possibility to apply for a scholarship that covers up to 75 per cent of the tuition fees for the remaining two semesters of the program. Information and application forms will be available on the website during the spring semester 2024.

    The application for scholarships for year two autumn 2023 is now closed.

    The University of Borås offers scholarships to highly qualified students required to pay tuition fees. For more information, please visit our website.

    Alumni Statistics

    Why study at University of Borås

    • Student City of the Year We were named Student City of the Year for Sweden 2020/2021!
    • Nine out of 10 students from the University of Borås are employed within six months of graduation! Alumni also find that their educations are useful in their professions.
    • Sustainable Development The university has a strong sustainability profile and all activities are based on Agenda 2030. In your studies, you are encouraged to think from a sustainability perspective.
    • Close contact with teachers Our students experience that it is easy to get in touch with and get help from teachers if a problem should arise during their studies. Our teachers are here for you!

    Awards & Accreditations

    Student City of the Year for Sweden

    Swedish National Union of Students (2020/2021)

    Campus Life & Facilities

    • The Student Health Care which includes social counsellors and a nurse.
    • International office with international student services.
    • One of the best libraries in Sweden and several computer rooms.
    • The Student Ombudsman can help you if you feel that you have been subject to unacceptable behaviour by the university staff or other students.
    • The Study Counsellors, who can give you advice on the different courses that the University of Borås, as well as other universities in Sweden, have to offer.
    • Career Services, the link between you, as a student, and the labour market.
    • To help you as a student make good contacts within the business community, the university also runs, among other things, a service known as “Företag söker dig” (Companies looking for you).

    Studying at a university is not just about late nights at the computer and preparing for exams. It is at least as much about newfound friends, fun parties, new interests, and exciting experiences. At the University of Borås, there are several independent associations, organisations, and clubs for those who want to get involved or to meet like-minded people and just have fun.

    The Student Union works to ensure that you as a student have the best possible experience at the university. Through events, social activities, and staying informed about the university’s educational programmes, the Student Union helps you in both in your studies and leisure time.

    The student city Borås

    Borås is a growing student city with cosy outdoor cafes, beautiful parks, and a busy cultural and entertainment schedule.

    Borås is a medium-sized Swedish city, less than an hour away from the major city of Gothenburg and Landvetter Airport. The city is well-known in Sweden as a textile and trading centre, rich in innovation and entrepreneurship. The city centre is vibrant with plenty of shops, cafés, and restaurants. Everything you need is within walking distance. Borås is a multicultural city with a large immigrant community. This is particularly evident in the number of restaurants serving food from other parts of the world.

    If you prefer the countryside, you’re in luck. After a short bus or cycle ride from the city centre, you will find forests, lakes and large areas of farmland for hiking, skiing, fishing and picnic. In short, here in Borås, you will find all you need for a rich experience when it comes to your studies as well as to your leisure pursuits.

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