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University of Borås Master's Program in Resource Recovery – Sustainable Energy Processes
University of Borås

Master's Program in Resource Recovery – Sustainable Energy Processes

Borås, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

16 Oct 2024

Jan 2025

SEK 257,800 *


* EU / EEA citizens and exchange students are not required to pay fees.


Master's Program in Resource Recovery – Sustainable Energy Processes

Today, humans produce vast amounts of waste and other residual material; at the same time, the demand for products and energy is steadily increasing. This increase also applies to needs for nutrients and minerals that then often end up in landfills or the ocean. This Master’s programme is for those want to be a part of the important technological leap forwards towards a circular economy and a more sustainable energy system, either as a researcher, an engineer, or within management.

Our programme in short

In this Master’s programme, you will study the opportunities available regarding the utilisation of waste and residual material. Through thermal treatment methods, you will learn to create valuable and necessary products. It is possible, for example, to produce energy carriers like electricity, heat, and fuels, and at the same time separate inorganic material and important metals for future use in society. This minimises the need for landfills. Your future role focuses on minimising human interference in the natural biosphere. More specifically, the studies include process technologies but also system analysis specifically dedicated to energy purposes.

Programme structure

During the first term, focus is on courses in energy recovery, thermal processes, and sustainable energy systems.

The second term you will gain an understanding of the status and future trends in the field of resource recovery, both globally and nationally. Business and methodological knowledge such as life cycle analysis are also included.

The programme ends with a one-year degree project in which you will immerse yourself further in the area that interests you. The degree project can be carried out within the industry or in collaboration with our researchers and doctoral students at the Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery at the University of Borås.


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