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University of Johannesburg MSc in Aquatic Health (Dissertation and Lectured)
University of Johannesburg

MSc in Aquatic Health (Dissertation and Lectured)

Johannesburg, South Africa

1 Years


Full time, Part time

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ZAR 20,405 / per year *


* average fee. Additional fees may apply


The Master’s examination in Zoology normally consists of a dissertation on an approved topic, a manuscript ready for publication, and two seminar presentations. Alternatively, depending on the nature of the topic, three examination papers and a short dissertation (carrying the weight of an exam paper) may be submitted for the Degree. To pass, a student must obtain at least 50% for each of the examination papers as well as the short dissertation. In the case of part-time students, the examination may be written in two parts: two papers in the first part and a paper and a short dissertation in the final part. The two parts must be passed within the course of one academic year.

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