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UniOulu Open Day

Welcome to meet and chat with the University of Oulu students and staff to hear about our English-taught degree programmes, doctoral training and the study experience we offer for you in Finland under the Northern lights.


The University of Oulu is an international science university that creates innovation for the future, well-being, and knowledge through multidisciplinary research and education. Future innovation is about seeking, utilizing, and applying new knowledge. The University of Oulu researches people and culture in a changing living environment, as well as opportunities that new technology provides for improving the well-being of people and the environment. The University of Oulu is a multidisciplinary expert in Northernness.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • At the University of Oulu, we promote learning and carry out research that pushes the boundaries of the known.
  • The University’s impact is based on excellence, high ambition, and productivity in all our activities.
  • Our strategy is to enhance our significance in international research and secure our role alongside the world leaders in our focus areas.


The structure of eight faculties reflects the University of Oulu’s profile in research, education, and societal roles. The faculties are:

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
  • Education
  • Humanities
  • Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Oulu Business School
  • Science
  • Technology (incl. Oulu Mining School and Oulu School of Architecture)


At the University of Oulu, we promote learning and carry out research that pushes the boundaries of the known. We use our full potential to contribute to solving some of the greatest global challenges, including sustainable resource use, responsible business, human wellbeing, and lifelong health, intelligent systems, and services development, and harnessing environmental risks.


The University of Oulu in Northern Finland is an international, multidisciplinary research university with a rich pool of creative and intellectual talent. More specifically, the University of Oulu encompasses a science university, a technical university, and a business school in the same organization. The Oulu Region is recognized as a world-class R&D hub with R&D input per capita among the highest globally. The specific measures at the University of Oulu in recruitment have included creating a tenure-track program, a junior investigator’s recruitment program, and funding of Ph.D. student positions within doctoral programs.


Student services

UniOulu takes care of individuals. We support your academic challenges with a functioning infrastructure and easy access assistance. At your department, you will have a personal academic contact who can be addressed casually by their first name and who will help you with making your individual study plan. A well-prepared study plan is a valuable tool to make progress in your study path. You get to meet your kummi, first student colleague, online even before arriving. Kummis are senior students of the University of Oulu trained to help you, in the beginning, to get accustomed to daily life in Oulu.

Student housing

The local student housing foundation PSOAS offers a wide range of accommodation possibilities, from shared apartments to studios, around the city area. No matter where you live in Oulu, services ranging from supermarkets to libraries and sports facilities are close to your home. PSOAS is ranked by students as one of the leading housing providers in the world.

Tellus Innovation Arena

Tellus Innovation Arena is an open innovation space located both at the heart of Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campus areas. It’s built for learning, collaboration, and events for all open-minded explorers from inside and outside of the university. Meet people, develop ideas, and present projects – it makes all the difference.

Health services

Student health services for all Bachelor and Master level students are located at the Linnanmaa campus. Health services include medical, mental, and dental treatment. Most services are free of charge while some incur a nominal fee.

Student Life

Student organizations are experts in organizing cultural activities, sporting events, parties, and trips in Finland. These study-field-specific organizations have internationally experienced members with firsthand knowledge to share. In addition, there are two university-wide student organizations with a special interest in issues in international education.

University sports

Finns are sports enthusiasts. The university offers sports activities for its students and staff ranging from ballet to climbing and yoga, from kayaking to cross-country skiing. Feel free to pick the one that is closest to your body and soul!

Looking for answers to your questions? Chat with our knowledgeable student ambassadors! They are ready to assist you with any query you may have. Head to the link below to start your conversation today!


Founded in 1958, our research and education community is 16000 students and 3000 employees strong, and one of the biggest and the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. The ten faculties, the many departments, and the specialized research units of the University of Oulu create the foundation for multidisciplinary research, innovation, and training of experts for demanding professional tasks.

    Campus Features

    Linnanmaa Campus

    The main campus building in Linnanmaa is a large complex, where all parts are connected. It hosts the faculties of Technology, Science, Humanities, Education, and Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Oulu Business School and Oulu School of Architecture, as well as major lecture halls, restaurants, and other services.

    The campus is located five kilometres to the north of the center of Oulu. The campus has residential buildings for thousands of students, as well as a chapel and sports hall.

    Kontinkangas Campus

    The Kontinkangas campus in Oulu consists of the faculties of Medicine, and Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, as well as the Oulu University Hospital.

    The local student housing foundation PSOAS offers a wide range of accommodation possibilities, from shared apartments to studios, around the city area. No matter where you live in Oulu, services ranging from supermarkets to libraries and sport facilities are close to your home. PSOAS is ranked by students as one of the leading housing providers in the world.

      Scholarships and Funding

      The University of Oulu International Scholarship Scheme provides scholarships to academically talented international students studying for a Bachelor's or Master’s degree at the University of Oulu. For more information, please visit the university website.


      About Us

      #201 World University Rankings
      by Times Higher Education #401
      Academic Ranking of World Universities


      EFMD Equis AccreditedAACSB Accredited

      Why study at University of Oulu

      • We are a well-ranked science university. For example, in THE World University Rankings, University of Oulu is among the 301–350 top universities.
      • Our degree programmes are inspiring and studentcentered, and encourage you to achieve your full potential.
      • Safe study environment and city - Oulu was voted as the safest place to study in an international student barometer.
      • Many innovations that have changed the world have their roots in Oulu. About three billion people around the world use daily technology developed in Oulu.
      • Belonging to the academic community is made easy at us due to the non-hierarchical relationship between students and teachers.

      Awards & Accreditations

      accredited Institute:

      Oulu business school


      Campus Life & Facilities

      Student wellbeing is valued at the University of Oulu. That is why we offer recreational zones for relaxing, as well as engaging study environments all over the campus. Student and career counselors as well as study psychologists are available to students, who seek guidance and support during their studies. Oulu’s start-up scene is deeply connected with the career supporting organisations and mentoring programmes of the university. Find more information on student services on the University of Oulu website.

      Student life at the University of Oulu is active. Both on campus and off-campus, they have the chance to participate in inexpensive clubs and organisations, and many different types of leisure time and sports activities. Becoming active in one of our student interest associations is a great way to make friends. Or join our Kummi Family programme, which connects international students with local families.

      In Oulu nature is always at your fingertips. Skiing and jogging tracks are never far away, and the bicycle network is vast - the city has more than 600 km of roads for bicycle traffic. Winter biking is also popular, and Oulu has been ranked as the best winter biking city in the world. Oulu is located just a two-hour drive from the Arctic Circle and the Finnish Lapland. Northern lights can be spotted in wintertime in Oulu, and the four seasons make a distinction to leisure activities to enjoy from.

      Oulu also offers many indoor activities and sports facilities to choose from. The city has also a rich cultural life. Theatres, museums, and exhibitions offer an abundance of events throughout the year. There are musical events ranging from classical concerts to rock festivals and club gigs.

      Oulu offers space and nature close by for relaxing and keeping distance, if needed. In fact, Oulu was voted as the safest place to study out of 150 universities in an international student barometer—meaning that it is easy for international students to adjust to living and studying in Oulu, the fifth biggest city in Finland.

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