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University of Oulu Master's in Sustainable and Autonomous Systems
University of Oulu

Master's in Sustainable and Autonomous Systems

Oulu, Finland

2 Years


Full time

22 Jan 2025

Sep 2025

EUR 10,000 / per course


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Sustainable and Autonomous Systems is a new master's programme to educate experts who can consider the needs and opportunities of sustainable development in autonomous systems.

This joint programme offers students a different kind of perspective into ICT by combining the expertise of two universities in sustainable energy systems and in smart and autonomous systems.

Top reasons to study Sustainable and Autonomous Systems

  • Be at the forefront of enabling a world of sustainable living and more autonomous systems.
  • Widen your expertise with complementary and advanced studies, such as electronics, AI, and machine learning.
  • Graduates can build robotised solutions for various industries such as production, energy, transportation, and logistics.
  • Broaden your opportunities for practical training and employment by utilizing the business networks of both the University of Oulu and University of Vaasa.
  • The programme is based on the strengths of the two universities. The University of Vaasa has the knowledge for building sustainable energy systems and the University of Oulu has the expertise in smart and autonomous systems.

Gain a new perspective into ICT

Enabling the world with sustainable living and more autonomous systems requires people who can build it. Autonomous systems, for example robotised, have essential applications, e.g., in energy production and recovery as well as in circular economy. Sustainable and Autonomous Systems gives students a new perspective in ICT and engineering.

"Combining the knowledge of two universities, this unique programme educates engineers capable of building sustainable autonomous systems."

The new master's programme combines computer science, real-time embedded systems, wireless communications, computer vision and other environmental sensing, and location awareness. Moreover, aspects of sustainable development related to autonomous systems, energy harvesting, smart cities and communities, as well as cyber security of systems form an integral part of the programme content.

Apply to one university to study in both

As a student of Sustainable and Autonomous Systems you can build a unique study path by combining courses from both University of Oulu and University of Vaasa, and thus take on two Finnish universities strong in the field of engineering at the same time.

Leave your application to one university, study in both. The programme is organised in Oulu and Vaasa and the content is the same in both universities. Students can participate in courses offered mainly online to take advantage of the course selection available for them.

Leave your impact as a ICT student

University of Oulu is the home for 6G research and innovation and worldwide known for its research in AI and electronics. ICT studies give graduates relevant skills and core knowledge of the latest methods, tools and technologies that significantly impact our daily lives.

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