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University of Public Service

University of Public Service


Ludovika University of Public Service (LUPS) is the single institution in Hungary to offer degree programs in public service with a comprehensive approach focusing on the needs of the government. It educates the next generation of military, law enforcement, public management, and international affairs experts and leaders. A specialized faculty at the University covers the field of water sciences, which is a topical issue for the future of the whole international community. Hence our University operates in cooperation with national stakeholders and international actors.

The mission of our university is to train professionals by earning three types of degrees: Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral. Our aim is for our graduates to become capable individuals who are committed to tackling the challenges that affect the various parts of the public sector.

Ludovika – University of Public Service pays attention not only to developing world-class education but also to creating a modern, lively, open, and student-friendly environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure. At the Ludovika Campus, students can enjoy the services of a modern educational building complex that combines 21st-century technology with tradition and the heritage of the former Ludovika Academy which dates back to 1808. The Ludovika Residence Hall offers outstanding living circumstances at an excellent location in Budapest with both green areas and the proximity of the city center.

Why should you choose LUPS?

  • LUPS offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in which civilian students are working together with law enforcement and police officers that is a unique experience even on a global scale.
  • The teachers of LUPS are recognized experts and practitioners at the same time, therefore offering high-level education.
  • Most of the courses are for smaller groups of students enabling interactivity during lectures and seminars.
  • the University offers outstanding infrastructure at the Ludovika campus with a high-quality dormitory and also offers great training facilities for officers. And these facilities are constantly being developed.
  • Budapest with its rich cultural and student life offers a great destination and also a great base from where you can reach further great destinations.
  • the Erasmus Student Network operating at LUPS does outstanding work for international students: they not only help them to integrate into the student life of the university but they also organize several programs and help in everyday issues.


  • Budapest

    Ludovika tér,2, 1083, Budapest

  • Baja

    Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u.12-14, 6500, Baja