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The University of St Andrews has a world-class reputation and offers a wider student experience with a diverse range of social activities, including over 150 student societies and 50 sports clubs. Historic buildings are juxtaposed against the modern facilities, and the many student traditions truly make studying at St Andrews an unforgettable experience.

St Andrews is a unique and captivating place, and the University is a key part of its charm. Seven centuries of history link the students with the town, leading to the ancient and yet modern institution apparent today.

Why St Andrews

St Andrews is a unique place to study and live. Nestled on the east coast of Scotland, students may find themselves crossing golf courses on their way to class, or jogging along the beach after dinner. Not only does the University have a world-class reputation, but it also offers a diverse range of social activities, including over 140 student societies and 50 sports clubs. Historic buildings are juxtaposed against the modern facilities, and the many student traditions truly make studying at St Andrews an unforgettable experience.

Campus Features

St Andrews has more than 4,000-bed spaces and a fantastic variety of accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets. Prospective students can be sure they will find suitable accommodation during their studies.

Halls of residence

The University offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit different student lifestyles, whether you want catered meals or a kitchen to cook for yourself, a roommate, or an individual bedroom.


    Entry requirements

    The University of St Andrews offers a variety of flexible entry options to ensure our doors remain open to all students, regardless of background or personal circumstances.

    Although entry to St Andrew's is competitive, we recognize a range of different qualifications and consider all aspects of your application, including context, your statement, and references. Grades alone will not guarantee you admission, and actual offers may be higher or lower than the listed minimum grades required by each program.

    Information about our entry requirements can be found in academic entry explained and UK-based applicants can use our indicator to see which set of entry requirements they need to look at. All non-UK-based applicants should look at our standard academic entry requirements.

    The University also offers alternative entry routes for applicants who come from areas where we receive limited applications and who are unable to obtain the required grades, or for those who are returning to education after an extended period.

    English language requirements

    The University of St Andrews welcomes students from all over the world. To ensure that all our students can benefit fully from their chosen program, applicants must provide evidence of their ability to speak and write English effectively.

    The English language requirements and the type of evidence you are required to provide, depend on whether you are applying for a pre-degree, undergraduate, or postgraduate program.

    Visa Requirements

    International students require a visa to live and study in the UK. Whether or not you need a visa, and the type of visa you will require depends on your nationality and the length of your course.

    Visiting academics, scholars and researchers should contact the University HR Immigration team for visa advice before making your visa application.

    Scholarships and Funding

    St Andrews is committed to attracting the very best students, regardless of financial circumstances. Scholarships reward academic excellence and are designed to assist to help students support themselves during their time at university.

    Applicants with refugee status, humanitarian protection, discretionary leave, and asylum seeker status are encouraged to apply for financial support scholarships. Your tuition fee status will determine which scholarships are available to you.

    The scholarships and funding catalog offers a searchable directory of funding options offered by the University towards fees, living expenses, travel, and initiatives.

    The University of St Andrews offers many postgraduate scholarships each year. There are also resources available to postgraduates seeking funding, including options outside the University. However, please be aware that the offer of a University place does not carry with it a guarantee of financial support.

    The University of St Andrews offers postgraduate scholarships and other financial awards. These may be held in addition to external funding or awards from a government body. These may also cover (fully or partially) tuition fees, maintenance (living costs including accommodation), or both.

    Scholarships are available based on academic merit and financial need. There are scholarships available for both home and overseas fee status. The scholarship team recommends reading the terms of each award carefully and applying to a range of funding sources.

    Postgraduate scholarships

    Postgraduate study is an investment in your intellectual development and career potential. The University of St Andrews provides scholarships to help as many students as possible continue in higher education.

    Scholarship availability may depend on your area of study or fee status (for example, whether you are a 'Home' or 'Overseas' student).

    English Language Requirements

    Certify your English proficiency with the Duolingo English Test! The DET is a convenient, fast, and affordable online English test accepted by over 4,000 universities (like this one) around the world.


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