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University of Turku Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies
University of Turku

Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies

Turku, Finland

2 Years


Full time

22 Jan 2025

Aug 2025

EUR 10,000 / per year *


* free for citizens of EU/EEA countries or Switzerland, for citizens of non-EU/EEA countries €10,000/academic year


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Will you be the next expert of the future?

The Master's Degree Programme in Futures Studies provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary and practical education in the field of futures studies. It is designed to educate foresight experts who help organisations to harness future opportunities and avoid unnecessary risks.

Futures studies is a newly emerging field of research. As the future does not exist yet, futurists study the future projections of and discontinuities in past trends and current views of the long-term future. Researchers in futures studies are interested in the probable futures, possible futures and preferred futures. As a societal action, futures studies aim to serve private and public decision-makers by outlining alternative long-term strategies in a changing operational environment. As an academic field of research, futures studies generate knowledge of the ways and processes of how individuals and organisations deal with the uncertain future.

Typical research questions in the field are focused on the epistemology of knowledge about the future, the methodological development of futures studies tools and analyses of alternative futures of a clear topic or a more general theme. Futures Studies is an interdisciplinary field, where wide topics are analysed and the results and approaches of more traditional disciplines meet.

The programme includes plenty of case studies and real-life experiences on using foresight methodology. They range from quantitative and qualitative methods to innovative and creative futures design techniques.

Here you will get a versatile toolkit for implementing foresight thinking for the benefit of a given organisation. You will qualify to a wide array of expert positions in the strategic and foresight units of private companies and public institutions. The programme also serves as an excellent basis for building a consultant business.

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Academic Excellence & Experience

The program is offered by the Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku. TSE has earned AACSB Accreditation (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), the highest standard of excellence in business education worldwide. We have been accredited since 2019 and are committed to continually improve the quality of education we offer.

The two-year Programme is run by the Finland Futures Research Centre, which is the world’s premier hotspot of future-minded scholars. The Centre is specialised in futures studies and foresight and seeks to accomplish the ultimate goal of a responsible and sustainable future. The Centre researches alternative futures and the challenges and possibilities included in them. Academic research places special emphasis on:

  • Foresight and futures research methodology
  • Environmental and energy research
  • Socio-cultural research
  • Food and consumption
  • Security
  • Education

The Finland Futures Research Centre develops the scientific foundations and methods of futures studies. The Master’s Degree Programme utilises the resources, connections and personnel of the Centre to provide students with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and practical education in the field of futures studies.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies is designed to educate futures experts. You will gain the theoretical and academic knowledge required for starting PhD studies as well as practical competencies for working in challenging positions in companies or the public sector.

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